Would you let your kid have a fully automated room like this one?! (VIDEO)

Ever wish you could control the electronics in your room without having to get out of bed? Well now, one Berkeley student has pretty much filled that dream for himself. As you can see in the awesome video below, college freshman Derek Lowe totally pimped out his dorm room, making it fully automated.

The clip shows Lowe using his amazing system, which he has nicknamed BRAD: Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm. As he goes about his daily day, viewers can see how Lowe has programmed the lighting and curtains in the dorm so that it can be controlled with a remote, a phone app, a tablet, or by voice. When he gets woken up, it's not just by any ol' alarm clock. Instead, at a certain time, the curtains automatically open so that sun stream into and some upbeat music turns on.


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And that's not all! The lights also have different modes, like Romantic Mode, in which a disco ball turns out silver light and love songs start playing or Emergency Party Mode, in which loud thumping music and green lights start flashing like an actual club. It's crazy!

If I wasn't so impressed with him, I would probably have to poke fun at him for putting this much effort into his dorm room…but it's just so freaking cool! I have the feeling that if my bedroom was like this, I would never leave it. I mean, it's hard enough to get out of bed on some days. So knowing that I could just dim the lights, pull the shades, and play some soothing music all with the push of a single button would make it downright impossible.

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Still, I have to give this kid props for his efforts. Just image what he could do with a whole house! Also I couldn't tell from the video if he lived alone or not, but if he doesn't, his roommate is the luckiest guy in the world.

What do you think? Would you let your kids have a room like this one?

Image via YouTube