Sometimes all you need to freshen up the home is one great, standout piece. When I looked around my apartment for something to change, I noticed that my giant bookcases take up a large portion of my living room but don't really do anything to give the room more personality.

Now I'm taking some inspiration from some pretty unusual-looking bookcases. If you've ever looked around your living room or office and wondered what you could update to start off your redecorating project, then this is it. Take a look at these seven great bookcase ideas and try them for yourself.

Image via neatorama

A-MAZE-ing 1


Image via Inhabitat

This bookcase shaped like a maze can hold tons of books but the real treat is the intricate design that’s sure to capture anyone’s imagination.


Clever Lights 2

Clever Lights

Image via Doornob

If you’re looking to add a little style and utility to the bedroom, this easy-to-recreate combo of a bookshelf and wall lamp is ideal for you.


Punctuation 3


Image via Estudio Breger

If you’re a book lover (like I am), then this grammatically-correct bookshelf will look absolutely adorable in your home office or even bedroom.

Puppy Love 4

Puppy Love

Image via

This one’s perfect for the kids! What child wouldn’t love to put all of his or her favorite reads on a bookshelf that looks like a favorite animal?


Recycled Books 5

Recycled Books

Image via littlefishfurniture

A great way to do something with old books that you don’t read anymore is to convert them into these super-cool book-based bookshelves.


The Skyline 6

The Skyline

Image via roije

Whether you live in a city or not, this bookcase shaped like a skyline is unique and a really fun way to organize all of your favorite books.


Team USA 7

Team USA

Image via neatorama

Talk about ASPIRATIONAL! This bookshelf is absolutely huge and, to me, simply amazing…though maybe just making one state (or your home country) would be easier.