Make your family photos more fun with tips from this SUPER creative papi!

My last family portrait wasn't very inventive. We all just went to a studios inside of a convenience story and took some photos all dressed up. I thought they were just fine until I saw the amazing photos taken by the world's most creative dad.

Seriously, these family photos are AMAZING. He took creative photographs of his two daughters to share with his mother after she was diagnosed with cancer (cue the AWWW!). Well, as touching as the story is, what I'm really in love with is all of the innovative ideas to make family portraits a lot more FUN. Here's what I learned from this dad and the family portrait tips I'll be tackling next time it's time for all of us to sit down together for a big group shot.


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1. Don't be afraid to play with the chores. Like in the photo of the little girls ironing, you can have fun with your family chores in the same way. Take a photo of everyone dusting the living room or various family members scrubbing the floors around you, Cinderella-style, with you as the queen in the middle.

2. Take inspiration from your favorite game. This family took some inspiration from Angry Birds but you can tackle Monopoly, Candy Land or even Scrabble—any game that your family enjoys together! Dress up as the characters or hold up your favorite game pieces to remind each other of the good times.

3. It's all about having fun with food. If your family spends a lot of time in the kitchen, take a family portrait with everyone doing something to cook a meal together—or even gathered around the dinner table. But do something fun with it and pick up pieces of food to look like you're really interacting.

4. Seriously: just go outside and play. I love this photo of the kids having fun on the playground. Although obviously you won't be attempting this, you can still get outside and play with the kids—both young and old. Gather around the monkey bars or the swing set for a photo of everyone having a good time.

5. There's nothing like a piñata. There are many holidays that you can make look fun and funny in family portraits, but birthdays with a piñata may be the best one of all. Get a crazy photo of everyone trying to destroy it or even before and after photos with all of the candy and gifts falling out of the decorated container.

6. Draw, color and have fun with props. This photo of the kids using a drawing art on the iPad is full of life and color. Do the same by getting a photo of the whole family involved in some art project—whether it's digital or on paper with real crayons, everyone is bound to have fun and get a great photo in the process.

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How are you going to spice up your family's next portrait session?

Images via jwlphotography/flickr