Now that winter's over, I've been going through my closets and getting rid of stuff. It's all part of my usual Spring Cleaning routine: I clean the house with some of my abuela's best deep cleaning tips and even spring clean my beauty products. Then, as I was going through some of my winter clothes, I came across a bunch of scarves that I never really wear anymore.

Not wanting to throw out the pretty ones that I used to own but no longer match my coats, I looked around to figure out what I could actually do with them. And that's when I found the best idea ever! Making an absolutely fabulous super-easy pillow out of old scarves. Why not, right? This do-it-yourself project is absolutely perfect for the weekend and I can't wait to show off my new pillows.


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How to Make a Fabulous Scarf Pillow (DIY project courtesy of Kim from Of All the Fish and Ladie's Home Journal)

Step 1. Measure your scarf, then add 3 to 4 inches for the border. Cut two pieces of sturdy fabric to this size. Center scarf on the front of one piece. Pin and sew around edges.

Step 2. Choose ribbon to border scarf. Measure and cut each piece on an angle, folding ends under at each corner. Pin in place, then stitch down both edges of the ribbon.

Step 3. Turn both fabric pieces so the outsides face in. Pin together on the top and sides and sew on three sides. Trim corners and iron seams flat.

Step 4. Flip right side out and stuff with pillow insert. Fold unfinished fabric edges under and iron. Pin both sides together and stitch along edge. (If you're feeling ambitious, you can also put in a zipper.)

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How else have you used old items to redecorate your home?

Image via mswine/flickr