Would you light a candle to Saint Amy Winehouse of Guadalupe?!

We all know those big, tall saint candles that our abuelas have. I live in a predominantly Latino neighborhood in New York City, so I see them in almost every little store on the corner. I'm not religious, but I still keep a few of them around--I mean, they're pretty great, large candles, aren't they?

They're a pretty fun traditional quirk, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw them in a store dressed up in no saint that I've ever heard of. A new online shop has launched these candles but with faces of celebrities. That's not even the weirdest part of it, though. The candles all feature celebrities dressed up as saints themselves. Um, what?!


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I can't decide if these candles are super adorable or extremely offensive. They made me giggle, but seem to be walking a very thin line.

It was probably bound to happen, though. Our culture's pretty celebrity obsessed and I'm not exactly immune to it all. But praying at a candle of Virgin Gaga (Lady Gaga as Virgin Mary), Amy of Guadalupe (Amy Winehouse as  Our Lady of Guadalupe), Saint Gwen (Gwen Stefani as a saint with a lamb), Saint Nicki (Nicki Minaj in one of her typically ridiculous quasi-religious getups), Saint Kanye (Kanye West as a saint up in the clouds, complete with angel wings and a halo) or Immaculate Marilyn (Marilyn Monroe clutching a religious icon) seems just a bit weird to me. Sacrilegious, even, maybe.

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But these candles from IdolKill (nice name, huh?) are a bit cute, I won't lie. I'm just not sure if I can go there in the name of home fashion--or without my abuela FREAKING out. They are almost a perfect blend of my actual culture with pop culture, but something about them makes me uncomfortable. It takes worshipping at the altar of celebrity to a whole new level yaknowwhatImean?

Would you buy one of these pop culture religious candles?

Images via Idol Kill