Spring is in the air…and in my laundry!

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My favorite part of this time of year is the windows-open spring smell. You know—that fresh air scent? Well, I've found a way to keep my family smelling like that super fresh, windows-open, spring day smell all the time. The secret is my laundry!


Gain laundry detergent has a variety of delicious new scents that are clean and refreshing—just like a spring afternoon. The best part is that I can customize my laundry scents.

From Icy Fresh Fizz with Oxi Booster, to Apple Mango Tango, to Sunflower & Sunshine Gain has a scent for everyone.

Right now my entire family is walking around smelling like their very own version of a crisp spring day. It's my very own mood booster.

When I'm feeling dreary on a rainy day I add a little Sunflower & Sunshine to brighten things up.

If I want to remind the kids of spending time at my parents' orchard I'll throw in some Apple Mango Tango.

And when I'm feeling romantic Butterfly Kiss with a touch of Softness makes everything smell dreamy.

So no matter what my mood or what the season Gain laundry detergent makes everything smell like happiness.

Now, can your detergent do that?

Image via Monica Arellano-Ongpin/Flickr

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