All Mamás Latinas should have their own mom cave!

We've all heard about the man cave where guys go when they need time alone. But they're not the only ones that occasionally need time to themselves, are they? I know that if I'm having a particularly stressful day (or week), all I want to do is curl up with my own thoughts. Wouldn't that be easier if I had my very own mom cave?

I can definitely see the benefits for any woman to have her own private space to relax, calm down and just enjoy herself. Doesn't everyone need time to destress? Especially busy moms like you!

So what do you need to create the perfect mom cave? Let me explain...


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1. A place for you to sit and feel comfortable, a.k.a. your throne: Yes, the first thing you really need is a comfy chair or small couch. That's where you'll do most of your relaxing time. Plus pairing it with a cute accessory, like this adorable sprinkle toes dormat, will bring your sitting space together. Available on, $35.

2. Somewhere to store your books and other goodies: No matter what you plan to be doing in your "mom cave", you need some bookshelves or stands to keep all of your stuff neat. This is where you'll keep all of your private treasures, like storing your favorite nail polishes in an over-the-door vanity station so that you can get pretty while spending time solo. Available on, $89.

3. Make sure it's tailored to enjoy all of your favorite activities: Whether you like reading, writing, scrapbooking, crafting, blogging, painting or doing anything else—decorate and furnish your private room to match what you love to do. Adding in an adorable alphabet stamp set will help you in any of your favorite activities. Available on, $25.

4. Prepare to invite your friends into the secret fun of the "mom cave": Last but most DEFINITELY not least, share your mom cave with your fellow mom friends! Having some time solo is almost as fun as having some time away from the boys, so invite the girls over for a cocktail and make your favorite with a cute mix master cocktail shaker. Available on, $18.

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Have you ever built yourself a 'mom cave'? Will you be making one now?

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