Confession: I Love the Smell of Laundry

I think a distinctive scent can really make a statement. That's why one of my favorite scents has always been Gain laundry detergent; it just smells so fresh and original. So imagine my joy when, to my nose's absolute delight, Gain added a number more scents and scent booster. Now that my laundry can actually be a reflection of how I'm feeling.


I used Icy Fresh Fizz Gain with Oxi Booster to wash my teenaged son's shirts. Not only did it work on boy grime but it smells cool and fresh…just like my son.

I washed my daughter's clothes in Apple Mango Tango which suits her just fine, she told me that all day long the kids in her school wanted to smell her shirt and asked what type of body spray was she wearing? Instant popularity!

Hubby's wash was done in Hawaiian Aloha with Febreze freshness with just a bit of Dreamy Desire liquid fabric softener. He came home nostalgic for our honeymoon in Hawaii. Ah, the power of scent!

Finally for me I used Sunflower and Sunshine detergent because it smells like a fresh summer day and I threw in a Forget-Me-Not dryer bar in Flirty Freshness to put a spring in my step.

Between the variety of scents as well as their matching fabric softeners, dryer bars, dryer sheets, an in-wash scent booster. My laundry is certainly making a statement!

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