Jessica Alba's advice will be 1,000 times better (and less annoying) than Gwyneth Paltrow's

OK, so Jessica Alba is writing a book--an advice book to be precise--called The Honest Life about her quest to rid her household of chemicals and tips on how to do things like refinish furniture, cook her favorite family meals and basically balance being a great mom and homekeeper. 

I have to admit, although I really do think Jessica is a celebrity mom who sets a great example and should be admired, I got worried that she was going a little Gwyneth Paltrow on all of us for a second.

You know what I mean? Hmm, maybe not. I guess Gwyneth Paltrow just doesn't get under everyone's skin the way she gets under mine. Let me explain.


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You see, Gwyneth has had an incredibly luxurious life since she was a child. Her mother, Blythe Danner, is an Emmy award winning actress and her father, Bruce Paltrow, was a well known Hollywood producer/director. She grew up in the industry, went to fancy boarding schools all her life and basically didn't have to work very hard to achieve her astronomical fame (or her Academy Award in my opinion, but that's another story). 

This, my friends, is why her "lifestyle" company Goop attracted so much derision when it was first launched. Why would a woman who has never really had to do things like laundry or cleaning decide that she was an expert in all things domestic? I have no idea, but that's exactly why Jessica Alba's advice is going to be so much more relatable and likely, applicable.

Jessica has been working since she was a little girl, but to various degrees of success--it's not like everything she does turns to gold in spite of the actual quality of the work (um, have you SEEN The Love Guru?). Also, her parents were super young when she was born so she definitely understands what it means to work hard and pull yourself up by the bootstraps.

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I'm not really a big fan of celebrities hopping onto the latest trends or fads in order to sell us stuff, but I think what Alba is doing with the Honest company is providing a legitimate and necessary service for mommies who don't want their kids exposed to all the nasty chemicals in everyday products. After becoming a mami, she realized how  her now privileged lifestyle was making it so much easier for her to have access to organic products and didn't think it was fair so she created her own company. It all makes sense.

So, I will probably be picking up Jessica's book, because I think she might have some real life, useful information to share. Just the other day she told a reporter who asked her about her (very documented) love of scarves that she's always adding them to her outfits to hide the inevitable puke and poop stains that come along with having an infant child--not only is that genuinely funny, but it's actually advice that I could totally see being useful!

What do you think about Jessica Alba's new company and book The Honest Life? Will you buy it?

Image via The Honest Company