easter eggs Spring is on its way, which means it's almost time to break out the baskets and eggs for Easter! But why not celebrate this year by helping out the environment? Instead of using the normal assortment of plastic grass and packaged candy, try going green. Here are 6 easy (and affordable!) tips to making your Easter fun and eco-friendly!

  1. Reuse regular household baskets instead of buying new colored ones every year. If you don't have any in your house, decorate a medium-sized shoebox and use that. You can even use a wrapped wire hanger to create a handle.
  2. Fill the basket with shredded magazines or paper instead of using the colored plastic grass, which gets stuck all over your house anyway. You can also buy natural, non-toxic moss from most hobby stores. Another option? Yarn! It's easy to shape and to clean up.
  3. Instead of buying all those individually wrapped candies, try wrapping home-made cookies or giving out bulk snacks, like dried fruit or trail mix.
  4. Make Easter egg coloring out of natural products, like vinegar, vegetable oil berries, coffee, or juice. You'll be able to die the eggs…and eat them later if you want to!
  5. Instead of buying plastic decorations, create an activity for your kids by letting them make their own garland with cardboard, magazines, and strings or have them draw Easter-themed pictures and hang them around the house!
  6. Don't buy random plastic toy items as Easter gifts. Instead buy things kids will be able to use longer, like puzzle or coloring books, pencils, erasers, chalk, play dough and bubbles.

How will you be celebrating Easter this year? Will you go eco-friendly?

Images via albemar78/Flickr

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