When it comes time for Spring Cleaning, I tend to follow my abuela's tips, but organizing the house is a major task on my To Do List this year too!

I'm always looking for new ways to organize and reorganize. I'm ashamed to say that, more often than not, my house looks like a total mess. I don't know where to put everything and quickly get frustrated and shove it in the closer. Who hasn't done that, right? But with these adorable tools to get on top of my organizing, the house will be looking great in no time.


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1. Chalkboard Spice Jar: Reorganize the spices in your kitchen by putting them in these adorable vintage-looking jars with bright tops and an easy labeling system. Available on Anthropologie.com, $10.

2. Squish Drawer Storage Organizers: Everyone's got a messy junk drawer but with these bright little compartments, your junk drawer will be the most organized in the house. Available on OrganizeIt.com, $10.

3. Mirror Shelf Jewelry Holder: Instead of having your necklaces hidden away in a drawer that you never open, decorate the bedroom with this cute mirror and show them off. Available on UrbanOutfitters.com, $39.

4. Magnetic Knife Rack: To free up some room in those over-packed kitchen drawers (and spruce up your kitchen with bright colors), pick one of these up for easy knife storage. Available on Ikea.com, $3.

5. Greenroom Recycled Clipboard: Organizing the office is pure joy with these oh-so-pretty clipboards to keep all of your important documents together in one place. Available on Target.com, $4.

6. Neatfreak Kid's Drawer Storage Unit: Help your children pick up their loose toys and trinkets from the floor and store them in this 3-drawer system. Available on Macys.com, $100.

7. Sports Organizer: A perfect item for the garage, this easy-to-use organizer will keep all of your athletic gear together and out of the way. Available on BedBathandBeyond.com, $40.

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Are you planning to do your Spring Cleaning soon?

Images via Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Anthropologie, Target, Organizeit, Ikea, Urban Outfitters