Decorate your baby's nursery with this adorable DIY wall art

When I saw the adorable DIY Wall Art Projects featured on iVillage, I immediately started looking at more nursery art projects to make and use as gifts for other pregnant mamas.

These crafting projects are easy to make for any current mom, mom-to-be or friendly neighbor or family member (like myself!) who wants to give a nice present for the child's 1st birthday or even at the baby shower. With so many cute options to choose from (butterflies! alphabet! family photos!), who would be able to resist making more than one?


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Alphabet Art: Using a simple alphabet stencil and some really cute fabric, this is a project that could be great for a girl or a boy. DIY details on Design Mom.

Canvas Silhouette: Using side photographs to get a nice silhouette of your kids, these fun prints-on-canvas can be made for any room and even include the whole family. DIY details on Just Call Me Chris.


Butterfly Collage: The best part about this unique watercolor butterfly collage is that the mom details how to cut them out so that they butterflies pop out of the canvas. DIY details on Bright Eyes + Blue Eyes.

Melted Crayon Art: This one might be fun to do if you have an older kid who can help out, since using crayons in this awesome "melted" effect is fun for all. DIY details on Miss Make.

Game Board Storage Art: A genius way to store old board games is by using the boards as art and hiding the pieces in the back. Cute and inventive, isn't it? DIY details on Infarrantly Creative.

"Made in" Art: Although this momma uses her home state of Texas in these adorable "Made in Texas" wall art, you could use the outline of any state for these cute decorations. DIY details on Casa Cullen.

Vintage Baby Clothes: This vintage mom decorated her whole nursery with vintage items, but my favorite is how she used old baby girl dresses for wall art. DIY details on I'm So Vintage.

Wallpaper Art: Using a bright colored wrapping paper (like the kind a mom might have saved from the baby shower) is perfect for this "art in an instant" project. DIY details on Project Nursery.

Family Photos Art: A way to really personalize your baby's room with precious family memories is by making this very simple but extremely pretty hanging photos wall art. DIY details on Kara's Korner.

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Have you ever made your own DIY nursery art? Do you think you'll want to do one of these projects, for yourself or a family member?

Images via Design Mom, Just Call Me Chris, Bright Eyes + Blue Eyes, Miss Make, Infarrantly Creative, Casa Cullen, I'm so Vintage, Project Nursery, Kara's Koner