Eat less with these 6 cute blue plates

When a study came out last year about how certain plate colors can actually make you eat less, I rushed to my cabinets to see if I had the right ones. Published in the Journal of Consumer Research, it turns out that plates that match the color of your food (such as green for pasta with pesto, red for tomato sauce and white for alfredo sauce) actually make people serve themselves more.

The theory behind the findings is that the amount of food gets lost in the similar coloring of the plate so if you're looking for a way to trick your brain into eating less, go for plates with contrasting colors. Since so many of our foods tend to be in the warm tones (such as yellow for arroz con pollo, brown for meats like pernil and red for red beans), try switching to blue plates!


So why not go for one of these adorable plates that will not only decorate your house but keep your waistline in check, too?

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1. Blue & White Dot Floral Dinner Plate: This set of 4 dinner plates is dishwasher-safe and cute as can be. The dot pattern on these is simple yet elegant for the perfect meal companion. Available on, $12.

2. Cambria Dinnerware in Turquoise Blue: If you want an artisan look and feel, opt for these richly colored planes in glazed stoneware. Available in a variety of sizes on, $32-40.

3. Diane von Furstenberg Ribbon Glass Dinnerware: Nothing says class like these gorgeous blue cobalt glass plates with a simple white ribbon design. Available in a variety of sizes on, $20-35.

4. Martha Stewart Collection Dinnerware Blue Gingham Salad Plates: For a touch of summer under your food, look no further than these perfect-for-a-garden-party plates. Available on, $16.

5. Cindy Crawford Style Eden Canape Plates in Teal: Perfect for a side dish or if you're not too hungry, these gorgeous leaf plates from another stylish lady are just what we want. Available on, $12.

6. Ceramic Stoneware Blue and Yellow Dinner Plate: These unique plates are a true work of art ideal for the woman who wants quality and durability in her kitchen. Available on, $58.

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What color are your current dinner plates? Are you considering switching to blue ones?

Images via Target, JCPenney, Overstock, Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Pottery Barn