How to Keep Your Clothes Clean and Fresh

After making the effort to put a cute outfit together in the morning, the worst feeling is looking down and realizing you've somehow managed to stain it throughout the course of your day.  As busy ladies, we're constantly running around juggling work and family and only stopping for coffee and lunch when we find the time. So can we really be blamed if a drop or two of our food finds its way onto our clothes?


Luckily, we don't have to sacrifice our clothes to our hectic lives. Instead, there's an easy solution: Tide Original! It helps keep your clothes fresh and clean so that they last longer. And with only one wash, even week-old stains are removed easily.

I don't know about you but mi Tide has always saved the day for me! As a self-professed klutz, I often look down at the end of the day only to notice a stain that I don't remember getting. But, I can rest easy knowing that I don't have to waste any part of my day scrubbing at my shirt. Even during those hectic times when I can't get to my laundry until the end of the week, just one dose of Tide Original will remove 7-day-old stains better than a 40 load bottle of the leading liquid brand. It's an easy choice to make. Tide Original works every time!

What do you use your Tide for?