iPad 3 is coming soon--pick up these cute stands!

The world is buzzing with news that Apple may be announcing the iPad 3 next week. I'm as excited as anyone, since I've been a fan of the company for several years and love my iPad 2 dearly.

Now that there might be a new one on the market, I've started to look at what kind of accessories can transfer from one iPad to the other. My favorite are iPad stands. They help you stand up your tablet so that you can type up an email, find a recipe online or watch a movie on Netflix. These 9 are some of my favorites. 


1. Joby GorillaMobile Yogi: With flexible legs and adjustable viewing angles, this stand can help you watch TV on your iPad in any room. Available on Amazon.com, $31.


2. Neewer Portable Foldable Holder Stand: This super-portable and easily foldable stand is perfect to keep in your bag for your travels. Available on Amazon.com, $7.


3. The Original Kitchen iPad Rack/Stand/Holder: Beautifully elegant and perfectly fitting in your kitchen, this acrylic stand is great for any tablet. Available on Amazon.com, $28.


4. Belkin Kitchen Stand and Wand for Tablets: If you prefer to use a "pen" when working on the iPad, this stand is perfect for your office. Available on Amazon.com, $25.


5. Thought Out Stabile Coil PRO Flexible Pivoting iPad Stand: Easy to store, easy to flex and easy to use, this stand is perfect for any room. Available on Amazon.com, $100.


6. Breffo Spiderpodium Tablet Stand: Similar to its iPhone counterpart, this stand looks like a spider and is as simple to fold as it is adorable. Available on Amazon.com, $20.


7. Twelve South Compass Portable Stand: It's red, adorable and looks like a compass—the perfect accessory in your (or your kid's) room. Available on Amazon.com, $40.


8. CaseCrown REAL Wooden eBook Reader Stand: A really classic wood stand, this one can fit any tablet as you watch or read on the iPad. Available on Amazon.com, $15.


9. KB Covers KB Stand for iPad: With an ergonomic design and foldability that fits into a purse, this stand can support vertical or horizontal viewing. Available on Amazon.com, $16.

Are you planning on getting the iPad 3 if it comes out later this year?

Images via Amazon.com