5 things we can learn from the gorgeous Latin family home in LA

A beautiful family home can instill a lot of good feelings. Whenever I walk into a well-decorated living room or see how a family's dining room is the place where they come together, I am always inspired by the joy that they experience in their home.

I recently took a virtual house tour of a Latino family's 100 year old craftsman house in Los Angeles, thanks to ApartmentTherapy.com. The Gutierrez home is full of warmth, beautiful artwork, family memories and gorgeous color. Influenced by their amazing décor, I learned a few things about how to put together a well-kept home.

  1. Don't be afraid of bold wall colors: I love the dramatic red in the brightly-lit dining room. The large windows and lighter accessories (light wood table, yellow curtains and painting) brighten it up but can still make it look elegant or casual, depending on the occasion.
  2. Maximize your outdoor space: Their use of a green theme is perfect. Their green couch, intricate coffee tables and cool, carved artwork makes their porch the perfect spot for reading in the afternoon or relaxing with a morning cup of coffee.
  3. Muted walls and bright accessories go together: Their use of a faded yellow in the living room with a bright blue lamp and some colorful throw pillows looks great. The few bright accents really bring the room together and make it look as fun as it is comfortable.
  4. Go for coordinating colors when mixing it up: They stuck to colors in the same tone: muted beige and yellow with turquoise and burnt orange accents. Since red and green are opposites on the color wheel, these two similar tones are complimentary in the house.
  5. Don't be afraid to mix up artwork: One of their rooms has a beautiful wall of artwork above the couch. It's a combination of posters, family portraits and vintage frames. The variety actually makes it all come together in a really unique way, making the home their own.

What is your favorite home decorating tip from this gorgeous LA house?

Image via apartmenttherapy.com

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