Signs for a happier, more productive (and relaxing!) home

It’s really easy to forget to take time out for yourself when you’re at home. Whether you're working in an office or spending all day at home taking care of the kids, it always feels like there is more to be done. But the only way to keep your (and your family’s) sanity is by setting aside some "me time".  

Inspired by a study that found having encouraging signs right in front of people was a key to getting them to take the stairs more often, I dreamed up a couple more signs to hang all around my house. You’re a busy mami, so put a few (or all!) of these up to easily remind yourself that you’re worth a couple minutes of focus.

  1. On the refrigerator: "Have you had fruit today? Grab a banana as a snack." Why it’s a good idea: Having a reminder to eat healthy directly on your fridge will inspire you to make wiser choices, especially when it comes to snacking. Many of us reach for chips and salsa when we should be reaching for a piece of fruit or some nuts.
  2. Above the laundry room: "After putting in the laundry, take a 10 minute walk." Why it’s a good idea: Right after putting a load in, you have some time before it's done. I know you’re probably on a roll doing household chores but take some time for yourself and get outside for some exercise. You’ll feel more energized afterward.
  3. Near your television: "Turn the TV off 30 minutes earlier and read a chapter in a book before bed." Why it’s a good idea: Watching TV right before bedtime keeps the brain active and leaves you unable to fall asleep as quickly. Instead, grab a book (or even a magazine!), turn off all electronics and just relax as you read.
  4. Where your car keys hang: "Park further from the grocery store and walk a little longer." Why it’s a good idea: Seeing this one right before you leave the house will encourage you to add a little simple movement to your day. Just like the sign in your laundry room, exercise will add up little by little and leave you feeling good.
  5. In the bathroom: “At the end of your shower, close your eyes for 5 minutes and leave the water run.” Why it’s a good idea: Every Latina needs a little time to just do nothing. It’s the easiest way to meditate (which has been proven to help you deal with stress better) and even just 5 minutes of calm can be a great benefit for the rest of your day.

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What sign do you need most in your house to make your home happier and healthier?

Image via miyoneza/flickr