6 adorable cell phone stands for your home or office

I have a really adorable cell phone stand on my desk. It’s in the shape of a black cat that’s stretching, has its tail up and is smiling at me as my cell phone carefully rests on the kitty’s back. My mami taught me the importance of accessories and trinkets from an early age, so I love keeping my home cute and organized.

My latest obsession is cell phone stands. But not just any old boring stand, I like finding ones that are unique and reflect my personality a bit. Plus they can go anywhere: your desk at home, in your home office, in the kitchen (who doesn’t have an extra cell phone charger for when you’re cooking?) or even on your nightstand. My top picks include a colorful elephant, angel wings, a vintage phone throwback, bunny rabbit with tail, spider legs and a happy cat.


1. Tusk Me Phone Stands: Available in blue, red or gray, these mini elephants are the perfect little desk accessory. $7, available on modcloth.com

2. Moose Head or Angel Wings iPhone Stand: Featuring a suction cup for your phone, these are really cute characters. $8, available on pbteen.com

3. iCooly Phone Handset and Sync Stand:  It looks like an old-style phone and even had a headphone jack. $40, available on amazon.com

4. Bunny Rabito Rabbit iPhone Rubber Case and Stand: All you need is bunny ears and a fluffy tail in the back to make it stand. $8, available on overstock.com

5. Breffo Universal Spiderpodium Stand: The adjustable legs can fit any model of phone and also make it fun to change up. $25, available on accessorygeeks.com

6. Rilakkuma Black Cat Stand: The anime-looking kitty is happy to hold your phone with this simple but useful stand. $7, available on amazon.com

Which of these do you think would fit well in your home? Or do you prefer to have simpler stands for your cell phone?

Image via Mod Cloth