Aleja el MAL de OJO con este remedio casero


Como diría mi abuelita: de que vuelan, vuelan. Y es que el "mal de ojo" aún existe y acaba con la tranquilidad de muchos en un dos por tres. Por suerte hay maneras de protegerse sin tener que invertir cientos de dólares en menjurjes extraños. ¡Verás que sí funciona!

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6 Easy ways to customize a basic crib

customize PHOTOS

Some people invest mega bucks on a crib and that is totally their prerogative, but I do not recommend it. I made the mistake of registering for one of those cribs that turns into a bed frame that can be used later and thought that would mean my kid would be set until she was 18 years old. Guess what happened? The crib got recalled! That made me rethink my whole crib philosophy. I decided cribs are not meant to be forever furniture, so why invest so much money in something that is temporary?

That doesn't mean that you or your baby have to be stuck with some boring big box store crib. Nope, you can customize a simple crib and make it a one of a kind temporary treasure.

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7 DIY Organizational tools to help you get through busy mornings


It's that time of the year when the kiddies are back to school and our mornings and evenings become rather chaotic in the shuffle. I don't know about you, but I like to keep that chaos to a minimum, especially in the mornings. I don't want my kids running around looking for their backpacks or homework or lunches or whatevs. I find that designating a small command center zone in my home really helps with the morning and after school routine. My kids know where to get their stuff in the morning and they know where to put their stuff after school without me having to nag them.

Putting together a back-to-school drop zone can be super easy too, as you'll see!

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7 Usos inesperados del café que te dejarán boquiabierta


Creo que buena parte del mundo no podría funcionar correctamente sin al menos una taza de café al día. Y es que este "preciado" líquido no sólo beneficia a tu cuerpo, también le va de maravilla a cosas tan simples como tu sofá favorito o esa planta que acabas de comprar. ¿No me crees?

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6 Cosas que JAMÁS debes hacer si tienes pisos de madera


Amo los pisos de madera, le dan un ambiente de calidez instantánea a todos los espacios y esconden una multitud de pecados de limpieza. Eso sí. Son delicados, temperamentales y una vez que los dañas, pues a ahorrar para repararlos.

Sin embargo, no hay que preocuparse, pues la madera es generosa y con sólo seguir unas reglas básicas podrás disfrutar de la belleza de uno de los materiales más versátiles y bellos para esa sexta pared que es el piso.

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7 Plants you can't kill even if you don't have a green thumb

plants PHOTOS

Plants are beautiful and the perfect touch to add personality to any space. If you are a Feng Shui kind of person, you know that they bring great balance to a room and even attract all that negative energy from some visitors. I personally used to have indoor plants, but I couldn't keep them alive for too long. I didn't know I was buying varieties that were "easy to kill." Yes, it turned out that it wasn't me after all.

If you are a little intimidated by the green living things, I invite you to watch this slide show so you can choose wisely next time you are shopping in a plant nursery.

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SEE: Wasps invade family home & the photo will give you nightmares


Nearly five thousand wasps were living comfortably on a bed in a home in Hampshire, England. The gigantic nest covered almost the entire bed and the homeowners were desperate to get rid of their uninvited visitors. The wasps found a crack in a window of the spare bedroom and built their massive nest. You will not BELIEVE the size of this thing, check it out after the break..

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Remedio natural para ELIMINAR las abejas de tu casa


Aparentemente las abejas pueden sobrevivir y adaptarse a cualquier lugar… ¡hasta en tu laundry room! Por suerte ahuyentarlas es pan comido. Aún más si utilizas uno que otro remedio casero que las desaparecerá ¡en un dos por tres!

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7 Household items you've been wasting all this time

multitasking PHOTOS

Bending the rules a little can help you run a more efficient household. You probably have a ton of household items that can make your life a lot easier by using them in ways you perhaps never thought of. I bet you you have most of them at home, so you won't have to run out and buy new tools for different things. 

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6 Genius ways to organize your beauty tools


Brushes, driers and wands, oh my! If your bathroom drawers, cabinets and closets are bursting with all of your assorted beauty tools, it's probably time to get your beauty stash under control. If you have so much stuff that you're not even sure where everything is anymore--I may or may not be pointing a finger at myself--the first thing you'll want to do is find out exactly what you have and get rid of anything you no longer need or want. Then, use the ideas in the slideshow below to organize your remaining tools so that they are always neat and nearby when you're ready to use them. 

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