Inside Don Omar's multimillion dollar mansion


Don Omar is saying adios to his New Jersey home. The reggaetonero recently put his colonial-inspired mansion on the market for $1.3 million. The Puerto Rican rapper has been living in the beautiful home since 2007. This is also the mansion he shared with Jackie Guerrido when they were married. Since the domestic violence arrest, Don Omar probably wants to start 2015 fresh. Although some are speculating that he may have run into financial trouble. 

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5 Tips to keep your Christmas tree fresh through Three Kings Day


Nothing will even convince me that a faux Christmas tree is as wonderful as a freshly cut one. To me the whole experience of going to pick out the yearly tree and bringing it home is a HUGE part of the holiday season and I want to experience that with my children. Fresh trees are awesome and smell fantastic, but they do present the challenge of keeping them fresh for an extended period of time. Especially if you like to keep your Christmas tree fresh all the way through January 6 for Día de los Reyes.

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Peek inside Andy Garcia's $4 MILLION Cuban dream house


I'd say that Andy Garcia is a private man, wouldn't you? The dapper Cuban actor lets his body of work speak for him for the most part. All that does is add an air of mystery to the man and make you want to know more about his personal life ... or maybe I'm just a big ol' metiche! Hahaha, I can totally own that. If you're a bit of a metiche like I am, then come and look inside of Andy Garcia's $ 4 million dollar estate in Key Biscane, Florida with me. It's crazy BEAUIFUL with a "charming and delightful aura of a vintage Cuban estate."

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5 QUICK ways to make your bathroom guest-ready

The following post is brought to you by IKEA.

I'm just going to go ahead and admit this, as a working mother of a very small child, my home is rarely "guest-ready." And by rarely, I mean never. But over the years I've learned that inviting someone into my home isn't about the superficial impression that I make on them, but more about the honest impact fellowship and community have on our lives. So I try really hard not to worry about whether my home is in magazine perfect condition when I invite someone over for a playdate, tea or even dinner. Not that I'm okay with having guests over in filth. I'm not. So, I've learned some great quick tips on getting my home ready for guests. One of the most important being the 5-minute bathroom clean up. Keep reading to find out how to do it.

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10 Adornos navideños de última hora que no pueden faltar en tu hogar


Estamos  casi a una semana de la Navidad y todavía tenemos tiempo de terminar de decorar nuestro hogar. Seguramente se vuelve una tortura tratar de de hacer todo a la vez, comprar regalos, envolverlos, decorar el arbolito, hacer planes de la cena, confirmar invitados, y de repente te das cuenta que en casa no hay más adornos que el árbol. La manera más fácil de ponerte al día es una lista que te preparé con las 10 decoraciones que no pueden faltar en tu casa esta Navidad y así encenderás todavía a tiempo tu espíritu navideño.

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'Tis the season for familia

6 Easy DIY decorations to ring in the New Year!


There's not much time between Christmas and New Year's Eve, so if you're a busy mami hoping to make both special, EASY is the name of the game. And since you're probably a little tapped out from all the gift giving, it's a nice bonus that things that are easy are usually affordable as well. Check out these six fantastic and super-simple New Year's Eve decorations that are sure to make your party a festive one.

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7 Great places to hide your kids' Christmas presents


My kids are still pretty young and up until now I haven't really had to hide Christmas gifts, but this is the year I start. Last year I put some of their gifts under the Christmas tree ahead of time and every day was a never ending beg-a-thon of, "Can I please open one? PLLLLEEEAAASEEEE!" Uh-uh! I'm not going through that again. So this year, I've come up with a list of seven places to hide Christmas gifts from the kids that I think you may find useful too.

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DIY Projects

10 Crafts that will put the merry in Christmas

Christmas PHOTOS

It's Christmas crafting time! Don't be shy; get in on this with me. I've got some great Christmas crafts to share with you and you can thank my kids for it. My children bring out the crafty in me and I will be forever grateful. I think there is a crafter inside all of us, but some of chose not to listen to the soft creative voice from within whispering, "Make something pretty, haz algo bonito, put some glitter on something for crying out loud!" Mamá, it's time to unleash the crafty beast in us all and get our DIY on for the holidays. Do it for los niños, los niños love making art projects.

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All-natural DIY way to make your home smell like Christmas

Want to make your home smell amazing before your next holiday dinner party, but prefer not to use chemical laden canned air fresheners and candles? I have the perfect solution for you! To make your home smell warm and cozy all you have to do is fill up a pot with water and some amazing smelling natural ingredients that you probably already have on hand and let simmer all day. Even better, when the day is done you can just jar everything up and use it again the next day. Check out my favorite DIY air freshener recipe for fall below.

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Ésta es la manera más original de envolver tus regalos de Navidad


Seguro que éstas como yo tratando de prepararte para la Navidad, las decoraciones, la cena, los regalos, pero este año quiero hacer cosas originales. Y entre mis curiosidades de diseñadora frustrada encontré una forma súper original de envolver los regalos de Navidad, será una forma uniforme porque podrás utilizar la misma técnica en todos los regalos, pero en esta ocasión, tu imaginación y tu creatividad serán la envoltura perfecta debajo del árbol. Si ya te dio curiosidad, tienes que seguir leyendo porque en esta ocasión si tendrás que salir a buscar los materiales del proyecto.

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