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10 Usos sorprendentes del vinagre de sidra de manzana

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El vinagre de sidra de manzana es uno de esos ingredientes milagrosos que sirven para todo. Los infinitos beneficios de este vinagre son buenos para el organismo, la piel, el cabello y hasta para limpiar el hogar. En la siguiente galería te vamos a mostrar varios de sus usos para que aprendas a sacarle provecho a este ingrediente que es casi milagroso. Te prometo que después de verla vas a quedar tan fascinada con este vinagre que jamás va a faltar en tu casa.

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6 Reasons to use menstrual cups instead of pads & tampons

I consider myself a pretty progressive person but when it comes to my period, I'm as close-minded and old-school as they get. Can you believe I'm 28 years old and I refuse to use tampons? Its crazy, I know. But one squeamish episode that almost ended with me fainting in a bathroom stall, was enough for me to stick to pads the rest of my life, or at least for now anyway. I had convinced myself that I was actually doing a good thing. Not using tampons means I'd never suffer from TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). That stuff could kill you chica!

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7 Ways to avoid overeating during the holidays


November and December are the hardest months for most people who want to lose weight. There are just so many temptations and opportunities in the form of parties and family get-togethers where you can easily slip and gulp down hundreds of calories. But, before the holiday season starts, I would like to give you 7 powerful tricks you can use to lower the chances of putting on that infamous holiday weight that everyone regrets around January.

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Zumo de rábano para desintoxicar y eliminar la grasa del cuerpo

Cuando se trata de truquitos para adelgazar, el rábano se lleva los premios. Pero no en ensaladas solamente: el zumo de rábano crudo tiene el poder de desintoxicarte y eliminar la grasa en un dos por tres. Lo mejor de todo, ¡no sabe tan mal como pensarías!

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Mujer con senos tamaño 36NNN logra transformación SORPRENDENTE


La transformación que Kerisha Mark, una mujer con senos tamaño 36NNN, había soñado para su cuerpo era algo muy diferente a lo que la mayoría de las mujeres hoy día busca. Contrario a la moda de aumentarse los senos y exagerarse las pompis, ella sí conoce lo que es ¡vivir con senos enormes de verdad! Luego de décadas de sentirse incómoda y sin la habilidad de hacer muchas de las actividades que tú y yo estamos acostumbradas, Mark decidió hacerse el mejor regalo de cumpleaños del mundo. Mira su formidable transformación y cómo la logró...

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6 Ways to break your junk food addiction

Chips, cakes, candy, soda, fried food--it's all so tasty, and so readily available, and so easy to get hooked on. There's no real problem with the occasional treat of course, the problem starts when the occasional treats start to happen too frequently. Studies have shown that high intake of sugar releases serotonin into the brain. Being a hormone that quite literally makes you feel happy, serotonin can quickly turn your junk food consumption from casual to a full blown addiction in no time. Harder still is the fact that many seemingly innocent simple carbohydrates, like rice, white potatoes and corn, actually turn to sugar as they digest in your body. So how are you supposed to avoid becoming a sugar junkie in the first place let alone curb a problem that's already in full swing? Read on to find out.


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Crazy ways essential oils can do more harm than good

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If Vick's "vaperu" were a superhero, Latinos would consider essential oils its sidekick. At least that's the way the women in my family see it. Growing up, I watched the women in my family expertly dole out unofficial prescriptions for essential oils, swearing up and down, left and right that these miracle aceites could cure whatever "vaperu" and ginger ale couldn't. Que, tienes un headache? There's an oil for that! PMS? Drink some ginger ale and rub this essential oil on yourself? Man troubles? Pues, use this stinky oil and he'll leave you the heck alone. And so it went. But do these oils actually work, and are the really safe? Well…

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Té de hierba limón para derretir las libras de más


Buenas noticias, encontré un te que hará derretir las libras de más en un dos por tres. Lo diferente de esta infusión es que vamos a utilizar una verdura que en realidad jamás pensarías que podría utilizarse en una bebida caliente y mucho menos sería tan útil para bajar de peso. Se trata de la hierba limón, en ingles lemon grass y en mi país zacate limón. Tiene propiedades curativas y es fácil de preparar, te doy los detalles.

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Eva Mendes' post-baby body secret REVEALED

Eva Mendes makes bouncing back after pregnancy look even harder for the rest of us. The Cuban actress welcomed her daughter Esmeralda with actor Ryan Gosling in September. Just days ago, Eva Mendes was showing off her post-pregnancy body in a tight black cardigan and casual capris. It took her just six weeks to look red carpet ready! Bueno, insiders are dishing about how she got back into shape. What's Eva's secret?

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5 Ways nopal water is healthier than coconut water


Move over coconut water, you've had your moment in the spotlight, but there is a new water in town and it's name is nopal water or as the gringos like to call it, cactus water. So what the heck is cactus water and why is it set to give coconut water some serious competition for health-minded folks who want a little oomph with their agua? Nopal water is basically water infused with prickly pear extract. Nopales in general are great for you because they are high in fiber and full of antioxidants. There are benefits to drinking cactus juice, so it stands to reason that drinking water infused with cactus juice must be good for you too, qué no?

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