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Everything you need to know about farts

Let's talk about farts! Are you pinching your nose yet? We've all been in those situations where we are the receiving party and we have to stop breathing for few seconds. We are quick to spot "the troubling" source and we are fast to give a judging look. But let's be honest, we've also been the fart generator and there's nothing more embarrassing and stressful than feeling the urge to fart when you are with friends. Keep reading if you want to learn how to avoid a shameful case of the farts.

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Descubre los milagrosos poderes de la guanábana para adelgazar

Desde chiquita escuchaba hablar de la guanábana, una fruta que crece por doquier en las tierras tropicales. Blanca por dentro, verde por fuera, y potente proveedora de vitaminas y minerales al organismo, que la hacen acreedora del título de fruta exquisita por excelencia. Lo mejor del caso son sus propiedades benéficas para la salud. Se dice que combate los tumores, y para las que buscan adelgazar, puede ser una cómplice infaltable en la dieta. ¡No te pierdas la receta para un batido adelgazante!

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12 Amazing health benefits of pumpkins


Pumpkin madness! I was recently at my local supermarket quietly choosing my groceries when a frantic woman screamed in my ear: "everything pumpkin is here"! She wasn't alone in her enthusiasm for the fall superfood because after she said that many customers swarmed the aisle. 'Tis the season and pumpkin everything is indeed everywhere and for good reason. Pumpkins are one of the healthiest foods and you should eat a lot of them. We'll tell you why.

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Souping, a delicious fall detox & weight loss trend!

Juicing and cleansing took over the market years ago and transformed the way people eat and lose weight. It works because you can easily mix and match fruits, vegetables and grains and drink your breakfast, lunch and dinner. The only problem with juicing is the machine itself. Sometimes the blender doesn't work that well and the juicers are pricey and hard to clean. Now there is a new thing in town called "souping" and it's here to stay. I'm excited about it because I'm a soup lover and with the impending onset of winter it makes perfect sense.

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Breastmilk butter is the hottest trend for new moms


It's a common comedy movie trope: a man opens the fridge, spots a clear bottle filled with milk, and pours a glass of the beverage to quench his thirst--only to discover that he was sipping on breast milk. Inevitably, he spits it out in faux horror. Sound familiar? Well, if you've always felt like breast milk gets a bad rap on the taste front, you'll be delighted to know that the good ol' Internet is brimming with breast milk proponents who are devising new ways to enjoy the fruits of lactating mammaries. For instance, a Reddit user detailed how she made butter out of her own breast milk simply by placing it in a large container and shaking the jar vigorously for about 40 minutes until it started to solidify. After tasting the butter, she claimed it was so delicious, she'd be trying the experiment regularly. Hey, it's certainly an all-natural formula! So what other interesting and unconventional uses are there for breast milk? Here are just some of the suggestions we've found!

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4 Tips to prevent the flu from being deadly


If you're one of those folks that's been freaking out about catching Ebola, you might want to turn your attention towards a deadlier virus that's apparently spreading throughout the country. Yes, it's deadlier than Ebola and the outbreak could affect thousands. Not sure what I'm talking about? I'm referring to influenza, also known as the flu. I know what you're thinking. It's just the flu--no big deal right? Wrong, it's a lot more serious than you think!

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Jennifer López muestra sus abdominales ¡y verás lo fácil que es conseguirlos!


Jennifer López está más orgullosa que nunca de mostrar su abdomen a los cuatro vientos. Y es que la cantante de 45 años paseó en West Hollywood con la barriguita afuera, probando que para tener ese cuerpazo, la edad no es límite. ¡Qué envidia!

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Hábitos Saludables

Cómo identificar si tu hijo tiene trastornos alimenticios y ayudarlo a superarlos


Soy mamá de dos futuras adolescentes y confieso que me preocupa que lleguen a padecer trastornos alimentarios. ¿Por qué? He conocido personas con dichos desórdenes y sé que pueden ser peligrosos y difíciles de tratar. Por otro lado, sé que el sobrepeso infantil tampoco es conveniente.

Por eso creo en la importancia de informarnos para identificar estas condiciones a tiempo, y así poder ayudar a nuestros hijos de la manera adecuada.

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9 Health benefits of drinking lemon water


Forget coffee and milk, it is much more nutritious to start your day with a tall glass of lemon water. Loaded with health benefits, here are 9 reasons why you need to nourish your body with this refreshing and rejuvenating drink ever yday!

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Sofia Vergara goes to extremes to control her crazy addiction


Wouldn't it be nice to think that Colombiana hottie Sofia Vergara is just blessed with a killer body that she doesn't have to do a thing to keep up? Because if that were the case then we could all just say it's genetics and give up on exercise and healthy eating. But no, Vergara does indeed workout and eat healthy.

Boo, how boring! That's what all us mortals have to do! And aren't we all looking for a magic trick? Well, Sofia Vergara is considering hypnosis to curb her candy cravings. That's kind of like magic no? I'll tell you what, she's making me consider it too.

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