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6 Remedios para aliviar las picadas de mosquito que SÍ funcionan


Por esta época del año, los mosquitos se alborotan. Les encanta el calor. Un charquito de agua. Se reproducen como moscas. Y como pican los condenados. Cuando nos mudamos de California a Florida, mis hijos, que en su vida habían visto un mosquito, pensaron que se podían morir de la comezón. Ya saben que nadie se muere de eso. Pero ese no es el tema, sino cómo aliviar los horribles síntomas de las picadas de mosquitos y otros insectos.

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Stay skinny for life with these 5 easy tips


You finished your diet, it worked and you are super happy with the new you! As weeks pass by you see a little weight creeping back in and in about six months you are back where you started. Sound like a familiar story?

Don't despair! As you probably know it's easier to lose the weight than to keep it off. Maintenance is tough because our bodies tends to fall into old habits easily—but they don't have to...

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El milagroso y desintoxicante limón te hará perder una talla en una semana


Primero que nada, esto no es una dieta. Es un plan de desintoxicación para preparar a tu organismo para que cuando comiences a hacer dieta, esta te resulte efectiva y puedas perder todo el peso y tallas que necesites. Se trata de un detox a base de limón que te hará perder una talla en una semana. ¿Te parece increíble? Sigue leyendo para que veas que todo es posible.

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Man killed by curandero pulling his tooth out

A Filipino man went for a tooth extraction and paid for the procedure with his life. Instead of going to a dentist to have five teeth removed, 28-year-old Jerry Aguirre of the Negros Occidental province went to a faith healer to be treated. Big mistake because a couple weeks later he was found dead due to a septic embolism caused by a dental infection.

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Kim Kardashian loses 7 lbs with workout faja


It looks like Kim Kardashian is taking some fitness pointers from her sister Khloe. All Kim talks about these days is how she's trying to slim down. Just last week we heard how she lost seven pounds in just two weeks due to a restrictive, low-carb diet she's been on. But is she also getting a little extra help from a a faja? It sure looks that way. In fact, she recently posted a pic to Instagram where she's wearing the same Whats a Waist corset that Khloe works out with!

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The 7 most dangerous foods you have in your fridge now


Food poisoning can be brutal, but is easily avoidable once you know which foods the bacteria love to lurk in. By being aware of the danger, you can then take the necessary safety precautions while handling those items.

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7 Antioxidantes que debes consumir de inmediato

Antioxidantes PHOTOS

Todo el mundo habla se los súper alimentos pero muy pocos saben cuáles son y qué es lo que hacen. Piensa en los súper alimentos como un sustituto de los medicamentos. Los alimentos de éste grupo tienen poderes antioxidantes que pueden bajar el colesterol, combatir las células cancerígenas y hasta prevenir infartos. No creas que cada tipo de alimento es bueno para combatir una enfermedad y si sufres de ese mal es lo único que vas a comer. La idea es que incorpores estos alimentos ricos en antioxidantes en tu dieta diaria para que recibas todos los beneficios de una forma balanceada.

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Green tea: How to lose weight with this miracle drink


Green tea, anyone? We already talked about superfoods, but let's talk now about this super drink. Yes, green tea is your metabolism booster, fat burning miracle and powerful antioxidant super drink. I know the taste is a little weird and it seems it only goes well with sushi, but if you want to lose weight and burn calories fast, stock up on the Japanese favorite.

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SEE: Little boy has GIGANTIC hands


An 8-year-old Indian boy is baffling all his doctors with his hands. Not only was the child was born with hands twice the size of most babies, but over the years they've continue to grow to massive proportions and are now bigger than his head! They each measure 13 inches from the base of his palm to the tip of his middle finger and together weigh nearly 30 pounds. See the incredible photos of these giant hands below.

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7 Meriendas que te ayudan a adelgazar ¡sin esfuerzo!

Meriendas PHOTOS

Cuando estás a dieta lo primero que te viene a la mente es renunciar a tus comidas favoritas. ¡Nada más alejado de la realidad! Con un poquito de mesura y consciencia puedes disfrutar de lo que se te antoje sin necesidad de matarte en el gimnasio. ¿Mi solución? Meriendas creativas y deliciosas que te mantendrán llena por más tiempo.

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