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7 Reglas de oro para adelgazar comiendo de todo

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Para adelgazar hay que trabajar duro y hay veces que tenemos muy poca energía para ponerle empeño a perder peso. ¡No te preocupes porque no estás sola! Aprende estos trucos sencillos para que pierdas peso todo el tiempo sin hacer dieta.

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10 Deadliest health foods!

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Pssst! There are killers in my kitchen. Actually, they're in yours too.

Believe it or not, many of the "healthy" foods that we eat on a daily basis have the potential to make us very sick, or in some case, kill us. I don't know about you, but dying just doesn't sound healthy to me.

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Snot 101: What the color of your mocos means


Do you ever sit on the toilet when you're sick, reach over and grab a wad of toilet paper, to blow your nose or cough up some phlegm and then examine the color of your snot and wonder what it means? What? TMI? Oh puh-leaze, we all do it. And the truth is that the color of your mocos really does mean something, so we should look because it gives us a hint as to what is going on with us or our children health-wise.

Okay, you ready to go through the colors of the mocos rainbow together?

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Menú de 7 días: Pierde 20 libras en un mes comiendo ¡de todo!


Cuando se trata de adelgazar, los trucos valen. Pero si de verdad quieres despedirte de las libritas de más, debes ajustarte a una dieta que no sólo sea baja en calorías, también que sea deliciosa y que te de la libertad de probar un poquito de todo. Tal como nuestro menú de 7 días que te hará perder hasta 20 libras en un mes ¡sin dejar de chuparte los dedos!

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Moringa: The nutrient-packed superfood you MUST try


Did you know: If the leaves of this plant were eaten by every one of us, the world would be anemia free? The plant I am talking about is called moringa. Also known as drumstick tree or horseradish tree, it's a small plant native to India and very popular in Asia and Africa.

Every part of moringa has its own unique benefits, making the whole plant indispensable.  This plant can survive even in the harshest climates. Some people call it the "tree of life", and once you read about the benefits packed within this plant, you will gladly agree with this moniker.

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Simply Saludable

The flu shot: What every mom should know

Deciding whether to vaccinate your child is a very personal decision and one that can cause a lot of stress and conflict for many parents. Many of the viruses that children are frequently vaccinated against are virtually non-existent in the U.S. today, causing parents to second guess the standard vaccination schedule. Plus, some studies have linked certain vaccinations to a slew of problems including autism, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, nerve damage, seizures and the list goes on. Being presented with these risks can have a paralyzing effect on parents trying to decide whether to vaccinate their children. Needless to say, whether or not to vaccinate is a decision that should be made thoughtfully.

Since flu season is upon us, many of you may be questioning if your little one truly needs the influenza vaccine. After all, you probably never had it as a child. Here are some things you should know before you decide:

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6 Foods to help you stay young ​

The fountain of youth, according to the legend was a spring that made people who drank from and swam in it instantly young. It's been the inspiration for countless paintings, poems, books and movies through the ages. We are all still searching for it! It turns out that the magical water is available in your local supermarket. Yes, the only way to stop the biological clock and prevent aging is eating healthy. If you want to look and feel young for as long as possible, eat these foods every day.

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Adelgaza rápidamente con este MILAGROSO té de barbas de maíz


Pocos se imaginarían que un ingrediente que la mayoría considera basura pueda ayudar a adelgazar rápidamente y sin esfuerzo. Aún más, combinado con el perejil es capaz de promover la buena salud de tu cuerpo eliminando toxinas y haciendo milagros. ¡Te quedarás loca!

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8 Surprising benefits of hydrogen peroxide

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Of all the remedies we have in the house, you could say we have found the most effective and economical one. Yes! Hydrogen peroxide is responsible for dozens of "miracles"; it not only makes your life easier, but also disinfects it at the same time. I did not believe it but after trying it, I assure you that H2O2 will become the best friend of working women ... and of those who want to be blonde no matter what! 

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Baja de peso con estos EXTRAÑOS tips que ¡sí funcionan!


Cuando se trata de la guerra, el amor o de perder peso, todo se vale. Estoy segura que muchas de ustedes han puesto en práctica mil y un tipos de dietas sólo para descubrir que nada funciona. Pero hay una luz al final del túnel, amigas: existe la manera de adelgazar fácilmente y sin esfuerzo. ¡Te sorprenderán los resultados!

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