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5 Weird vaginal problems & how to fix them

I can deal with financial problems, even health problems (if there are quick and easy solutions), what I don't have the patience for are vaginal problems. I mean, who the hell does? There's nothing more annoying (not to mention embarrassing) than having issues down below. It's a serious pain in the neck. You can't have sex, you can't wear jeans--nada! Plus, it makes you feel like a nasty mess!

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Entérate porqué la mandarina es excelente para ADELGAZAR


¿Sabías que las mandarinas te ayudan a bajar de peso? Es una de mis frutas favoritas y las posibilidades de comerla y ponerme flaquita son tan buenas, que desde hoy la incluyo como un must de mi dieta diaria. Aunque son frutas de la temporada de invierno, la mandarina no es tan difícil encontrarla todo el año. Esta fruta es como un premio al paladar, es acidita pero también dulce, fácil de pelar y de combinar con todos tus platillos.

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10 ways to avoid feeling bloated after eating

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I don't know anyone that likes to look of feel bloated, do you? It's rather uncomfortable and not particularly attractive. Even if no one can tell you are bloated you end up feeling like you are three sizes larger than usual. The funny thing is that although of course there is a ton of junk food that can make you bloated and you already know you should stay away from junk food anyway, one of the consequences of eating healthy foods is that they can cause bloating. By no means should you stop eating healthy, but it's good to know which healthy foods cause bloating and what foods you can add to your diet to help keep the bloating in check.

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4 Smoothie ingredients you should always avoid!

Weight loss has its tough challenges, but none of them should include actually gaining more weight from a weight loss smoothie. Blending up your favorite fruits and proteins may actually be harming your mission to lose weight. Before you go through all of the trouble of blending your next smoothie, make sure that you aren't making these mistakes that could be packing on the pounds and calories.

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Ebola can live in semen much longer than you think

As more cases of Ebola continue to spread throughout the country, many are wondering if patients are still contagious after they leave a treatment center or hospital. Ebola is contracted by exchange in bodily fluids. In cases of recovered patients, medical studies found that people recovering from Ebola were not contagious by sharing kisses or handshakes. Likewise, their sweat, vomit, urine and feces also turned out to be free of Ebola. However, the same wasn't found in semen.

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5 Weight loss benefits of apples


Apple season is upon us! Who doesn't love running through an orchard with a basket of freshly picked apples to bring home? The good thing is that apples can actually help you lose and maintain your weight. Here are five ways that apples can help you with weight loss.

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Hábitos Saludables

Consejos para mantener a tus hijos saludables en la guardería o en la escuela


Cuando los chicos inician su ciclo escolar, ya sea en la guardería o en el colegio, suelen enfermarse con mayor frecuencia. Aunque evitarlo es imposible, los expertos recomiendan ciertos tips para ayudar a mantener a los niños saludables. ¿Cuáles son? Te los presento a continuación:

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5 Ways juniper berries promote weight loss


The juniper berry is a superfood packed with nutrients that help strengthen your immune system and lose weight too. Despite its name, juniper is neither a berry nor a fruit! It's a part of the Juniperus plant, which bears bluish or reddish berry-like cones.

Here is what makes juniper berries a super health food that also promotes weight loss:

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Hora de mezclar

6 Beneficios sorprendentes de la leche de almendras

Amo las almendras; me gusta comerlas solas o tostarlas para agregarlas al arroz, a las sopas o a las ensaladas. Sin embargo, y pese a lo mucho que las disfruto, nunca antes me había animado a probarlas en su presentación líquida: la leche de almendras.

Quiero contarles que cuando finalmente lo hice, ¡me encantó! Pero eso no es todo, también estuve indagando sobre los beneficios de la leche de almendras y me sorprendió descubrir que son muy diversos. ¿Quieres conocerlos? Te los cuento a continuación:

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Lose weight with Jessica Alba's delicious green smoothie​


Have you ever checked out The Honest Company's blog? It's the blog of the company that Jessica Alba built. I like to check it out on occasion because Jessica Alba is a constant source of inspiration to me. I've been a fan of hers from way back in the day when she was on the TV show Flipper. I remember the first time I saw her thinking, my goodness, that child is stunning. It comes as no surprise that the stunning child grew into a stunning woman. What's great about Alba is that her good looks are not everything. They certainly haven't hurt her career in Hollywood, but there are a whole lot of brains and thoughtfulness behind that beauty. Alba is a conscientious parent who turned into a conscientious business woman when she started the very successful The Honest Company to create products that parents like her would want in their lives.

Anyway, digging into the food archives the company's blog I found a slimming green smoothie recipe that I cannot resist sharing with you.

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