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Frases que JAMAS deberías decir a una amiga con sobrepeso


Esta necesidad que tiene la sociedad de imponernos un molde de belleza es horrible y peor es que con comentarios crueles quieras herir o motivar a alguien a que quepa en ese molde. La belleza viene en diferentes empaques, colores, tamaños, pesos. Nadie tiene el derecho a hacer comentarios que agredan la autoestima de una mujer con sobrepeso, sea mucho o poco. No me parece correcto que solo las mujeres delgadas sean las únicas con derecho a la belleza y a las palabras bonitas ¿te lo has preguntado?

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Infusión de conchas de papaya y piña para quemar la grasa

Porque hoy en día no estamos para desperdiciar nada, te voy a enseñar a hacer una infusión de conchas de piña y papaya que no sólo es ligera y deliciosa, también es mi secreto para quemar la grasa de manera rápida y efectiva. ¡Va a encantarte!

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10 Weight loss realities no one will tell you

woman, PHOTOS

We live in a fitness obsessed culture where weight loss programs, personal trainers and new workout plans are on high demand. We all want to lose weight, stay fit and transform the way we look. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that being healthy is the "It thing" right now, but people should really know what they are getting into when they decide to lose major pounds. There are big changes--physical and emotional--that happen after you lose weight and only people ready to accept those changes should embark on the weight loss journey. Check out some of the downsides of losing weight.

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Pierde peso con la infalible dieta del semáforo


Al que inventó está dieta hay que darle el Premio Nobel, el Oscar de la Academia,  un GRAMMY y hasta un premio Lo Nuestro. Se trata de la dieta más fácil del mundo. La que soy yo empiezo mañana para estar lista para las fiestas. La dieta funciona como un semáforo y los alimentos son clasificados por colores: verde, amarillo y rojo. Sigue leyendo para que veas qué fácil.

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Man finds out he had a 3 foot long tapeworm in his FOOT

After living with foot pain for a year, a Sudanese man living in Melbourne, Australia, finally visited a doctor when his foot became swollen. Turns out, he had been living with a tapeworm in his body since before he moved from Sudan to Australia four years ago. Yes, you read that right--a tapeworm in his foot!

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Freekeh: 5 ways this miracle grain can help you lose weight


The unique strength of Freekeh comes from the fact they, unlike other grains, are harvested when still young. They are then roasted which gives it its characteristic nutty and smoky flavor. Mostly used in Middle East and North Africa, it is slowly finding its way into the west. This wheat product is bursting with nutrients and as a healthier substitute, they can replace your ordinary grain. Simply put, they are a highly nutritious addition to any meal. Here are five ways how Freekeh boosts your health:

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Allergic reaction causes girl to burn alive from the inside out


A California teen landed in the hospital on Thanksgiving Day due to a severe allergic reaction to medication that had been prescribed to a friend. Desperate to ward off what she thought was an oncoming cold, a Yaasmeen Castanada did what many do every day--she took antibiotics. No biggie, right? Wrong. Instead of helping Castanada feel better, the meds made her feel way, way worse. Within 24 hours, Castanada was covered head to toe in blisters so searing, they were practically burning her alive from the inside out. In the weeks since, things have only gotten worse for the 19-year-old mother of one.

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Mom eats a roll of toilet paper a day & can't stop


There's nothing worse than addictions and addictive personalities because the damage is often too great to overcome. Jade Sylvester is a stay-home mom of five who can't stop the urge of eating toilet paper. The 25-year-old mom developed the bizarre craving when she was pregnant with her youngest and thought it was due to a hormonal imbalance. Now that her son is 15 months old, Jade is still eating one roll of toilet paper a day and she loves the texture and the taste of the personal hygiene product.

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Peppermint tea can help you shed the weight FAST

Minty treats are undoubtedly beloved--from mint chocolate chip ice cream to peppermint mocha lattes, candy canes and peppermint patties--that herbacious flavor pops up in goodies all year long. It's delicious and refreshing, but most of the time, it's paired with calorie-laden chocolate and sweeteners. Not exactly ideal if you're trying to drop a few pounds, so it might be a surprise you that one peppermint drink can actually help you meet your weight loss goals. Keep reading to find out why peppermint tea is a great all-natural diet drink.

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La dieta mediterránea es ideal para ti porque adelgaza y rejuvenece


Hoy quiero hablarte de la dieta mediterránea. Pero antes de comentarte las últimas novedades al respecto, voy a referirme a lo que se conoce como dieta mediterránea, que no es un régimen para perder peso, sino el tipo de alimentación y hábitos alimentarios común en el Sur de Italia, en Grecia y España, todos países bañados por el Mar Mediterráneo. Sigue leyendo para que veas de qué se trata.

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