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13 Latina celebs reveal their incredible weight-loss secrets

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Celebrities: they're just like us. They crave cheeseburgers and fries, and occasionally feel guilty about scarfing down that half-pint of Ben & Jerry's during a recent Scandal marathon. Hey, it happens. However, unlike most of us, celebs have personal trainers and celebrity chefs on hand to help them lose the extra pounds. Not fair, right? Well…I may have found a way to get all the benefits of a pricey celeb workout without having to spend a single penny.

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7 Home remedies you should NEVER try


I'm big on the whole DIY thing and so was my abuela when it came to home remedies. I mean most of the time, why not try something you can make yourself? Well, now I'm thinking I need to be a bit more cautious when it comes to home remedies because I'm finding that some of them can actually be dangerous. The crazy thing is that I have totally tried some of these and I bet you have too!

Sorry abuela, but I'm going to have to say goodbye to some of your recommended home remedies.

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Batido de alfalfa para adelgazar dos libras semanales y llenarte de energía

Pocos saben que la alfalfa es una maravilla si buscas perder peso, aunque el sabor no es muy delicioso que digamos… Por eso te enseño a hacer este batido que además de divino, te ayudará a adelgazar ¡en un dos por tres!

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6 Reasons why you have an itchy vagina


There are very few things in life more uncomfortable than an itchy vagina. I'd take a headache, an upset stomach--heck maybe even a migraine--over an itchy vagina! It's crazy awkward, it's not sexy and it makes even the simplest things difficult. You can't sit, you can't walk, you can't wear jeans and worst of all--you CAN'T have sex! I'm telling you, it's a freaking problem!

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Enfermedades infantiles que debes conocer


Cuando mis hijas se sienten mal la impotencia me invade y me inquieta desconocer la causa de su malestar, por eso considero importante identificar los síntomas de ciertas enfermedades infantiles, para diferenciar un afección ¡de una posible emergencia!

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6 Ways lemongrass can help you lose weight


Besides packing a punch in Asian dishes, lemongrass has been used for medicinal purposes for decades. Its citrusy flavor makes this perennial plant the perfect condiment for seafood, chicken, soups or even tea. It offers numerous therapeutic and many other health benefits, one of which includes weight loss.

If you want to lose weight and tone up in time for the holidays, here are some ways lemongrass will help you reach that goal faster:

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This is the grossest case of lice EVER & 10 home remedies to get rid of piojos


Be warned that I am about to share what is quite likely the worst case of a head lice infestation you will EVER see. It is horrifying. If you are eating or drinking something at the moment STOP and finish before you proceed because you will gag.

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10 Errores comunes que hacen que los batidos nos engorden

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Mis queridas amigas, todo el mundo está obsesionado con los batidos de esto y lo otro para adelgazar, adelgazar la panza y reducir la cintura. Le han dado muy buenos resultados a muchas de tus amigas y la evidencia es aparente. Pero, sientes que deben de estar haciendo algo más porque tú vives preparando batidos y comiéndolos de desayuno almuerzo y cena y no ves los resultados. No te preocupes, porque te tengo la solución. El problema no es que los batidos no te ayuden a adelgazar porque sí lo hacen, sino que no los estás preparando bien.  

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7 Powerful detoxers that will help you lose weight fast!

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A healthy body starts with a clean foundation. Detoxification gives you just that: a clean system that is ready to absorb powerful nutrients from foods and eradicate cancerous and disease-causing compounds. Here we give you 7 such food items that are readily available in most countries. They all cleanse your system, boost your metabolism, nourish your body, and strengthen your immunity.  

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Everything you need to know about farts

Let's talk about farts! Are you pinching your nose yet? We've all been in those situations where we are the receiving party and we have to stop breathing for few seconds. We are quick to spot "the troubling" source and we are fast to give a judging look. But let's be honest, we've also been the fart generator and there's nothing more embarrassing and stressful than feeling the urge to fart when you are with friends. Keep reading if you want to learn how to avoid a shameful case of the farts.

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