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Toddler born with intestines outside her body is still unable to eat

Most of us take for granted simple acts such as enjoying a meal. Georgia Diamond, a toddler in England, has been denied that pleasure. She suffers from a rare medical condition known as gastroschisis. The 23-month-old was born with her intestines outside of her body. She can only eat via a feeding tube. Georgia's only hope to ever eat snacks like other kids her age is to undergo an intestine transplant, but the procedure has been put on hold for another two years.

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The Rainbow Diet: 6 fruits & veggies that will change your life


It's no secret that the most colorful your plate, the healthier you're eating. But if you really want to lose weight, you've got to choose the kind of foods that bring you unbeatable benefits. The six we show you here are champions when it comes to improving your body. You're going to love them!

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SEE: Mom loses 81 lbs after giving birth to twins & anyone can do it!

I'm always so impressed by moms that are able to quickly bounce back after pregnancy. But when you weigh over 200 pounds, it can be a serious challenge. For Carra Hughes Greer, it was a challenge she was willing to take. After giving birth to four kids in under four years (the last two kids being twins), Greer gained a ton of weight. She was 5-foot-6 and 265 pounds and was going to do whatever it took to get healthy again. You have to see the before and after pics!

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Mix up your diets for the ultimate weight loss

There is no shortage of diet plans in the health community. Veganism, pescetarianism, non-vegetarianism….you name it, there's a diet label ready for it. Plus, everyone has an opinion about what makes their diet style the best….all of which sounds right.

This however can badly confuse a novice who is looking for the healthiest diet to lose weight or to strengthen her body. The best solution is to personalize your eating plan by taking the best out of every type of diet that captures your interest.

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Woman dies after doctors "forget" to tell her she had breast cancer


Talk about medical malpractice! A woman in New Zealand died because her doctor forgot to inform her that she had breast cancer. Even though the woman had the life-threatening disease before and was considered a survivor, her general practitioner neglected to read his patient's medical history. Furthermore, he forgot to read the complete report from the radiologist and treated the woman for a shoulder fracture. She wasted precious time dealing with the erroneous diagnosis and when started chemotherapy it was too late.

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Usar sostén podría hacer que tus senos se CAIGAN


La verdad es que no sabe una a quién creerle. Ahora resulta que científicos franceses aseguran que las mujeres estaríamos mejor sin usar sostenes o sujetadores ¿No te parece increíble? Por años han estado diciéndonos que hay que combatir la terrible fuerza de la gravedad con sujetadores que no sólo realzan la forma de nuestro busto y ponen nuestros senos en su santo lugar, sino que además nos ayudan a combatir los odiosos dolores de espalda. Y ahora resulta que no es eso sino todo lo contrario.

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The best snack for weight loss will surprise you


Let's get nutty girls! I say, let's bring out the almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashews and every member of the nut family. In every form, shape, color and texture, nuts are the best snack to get you through the day and help you lose weight. That's what nutritionists around the country eat for snack and if they do it is because is the best thing for you!  

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Toma té y pierde peso de inmediato


A la hora de perder peso existen una gran cantidad de mitos sobre todo en cuanto a las bebidas se refiere. Mucha gente cree que la soda dietética es la bebida perfecta para quitarse esas las libritas de más pero en realidad no es así. Las sodas dietéticas están endulzadas con sustitutos artificiales del azúcar como el aspartamo, la sacarina y sucralosa. Estos endulzantes artificiales son dañinos para la salud, crean adicción y hacen que sea muy difícil delgazar ya que afectan los niveles de insulina. Reemplaza la gaseosa dietética por un té helado para disfrutar todos los beneficios naturales de la bebida y perder peso.

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5 Lies about vaginas we're tired of hearing

The vagina is one of the feminine body parts that come with the most outrageous myths. Yes, there are countless of misapprehensions about our lovely lady parts and we are making sure to debunk all of the most common lies about them. Sure, now we know that masturbating doesn't take away your virginity, but what other common myths are still lingering? We are breaking it all down for the love of down there. 

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Banish bad breath with these 5 easy tricks

Nothing kills a good conversation faster than pulling in close to someone and getting a whiff of their bad breath. Apart from brushing after you eat, cleaning your tongue, and flossing at least once a day, make sure your own scent is never offensive with these five tricks to keep the halitosis in check and those pearly whites looking gorgeous.

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