5 Ways to lose weight like a man


If you've tried diet after diet with no luck, then you should probably consider eating like your hubby. Your man might hold a weight loss secret that you had no clue about! Have you ever noticed all he has to do is give up beer and he instantly loses 10 pounds? You on the other hand focus on your diet to the T and the scale doesn't budge.

It's okay, we've all been there! But we picked up some of our man's tricks to help you lose that weight once and for all!

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6 ways sex can make you skinnier & stronger

We've all heard that sex is good for our mental health (best stress relief ever!), but did you know it could help make you physically stronger too? Besides the calories you burn off in the bedroom, having more sex (whether solo or with a partner) can actually help you get better results from your workouts and keep you more fit. How?

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Is this fitness craze the answer to your weight loss prayers?


In today's blog, I want to talk about a well-known exercise program. A friend of mine recently suggested I try a CrossFit program. Since I like to try new things and report them to you I decided to go along with her and give it shot. What I found about its efficacy, though, will surprise you.

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SEE: Mom's adorable yoga poses with her young kids go viral

Lots of moms enjoy sharing photos of their kids on social media sites, but Laura Kasperzak takes her Instagram snapshots to a whole other level. The New Jersey mom and yoga instructor likes to capture herself practicing yoga with her young daughter and son--and the results are simply stunning!

Kasperzak has been sharing the fitness-happy photos for a while now, but they only just went viral online, bringing the number of her followers up to an impressive 700,000. And once you see the pictures, it's easy to see why. Check some of them out after the jump!

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7 Ways to lose weight without even trying


My readers often tell me they would like to exercise more. They know it's part of a healthy lifestyle, but they simply don't have time to visit the gym three or four times a week. In today's blog I'm going to tell you seven easy ways to burn extra calories without an intense workout. They don't cost you anything and you can start today.

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Burn MORE fat in just 4 minutes with this trick


When I finally got serious and decided to drop the extra pounds I was carrying around, I knew that I'd have to exercise as well as eat healthy. It was the combination of a good, healthy diet and consistent exercise that helped me drop 50 pounds. But it wasn't always easy. This is one complaint I often hear from my readers:  "How can I find time to work-out with a job, and kids, and all my other responsibilities. I'd love to work-out, but I simply don't have the time to go to the gym four or five times a week."

I sympathize with this dilemma. It is often hard to find time for an hour-long exercise routine with a busy schedule. So today I'm going to tell you about a four-minute exercise routine that will help you burn fat--despite the short amount of time it requires. That's right, only four minutes! Everyone can squeeze in four minutes of exercise time if they choose to make the commitment.

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5 Ways to pull off a midday workout without looking like a hot mess

I'll come clean: I only work out at night. I have friends that hit up the gym or their local yoga studio right before work or even during their lunch break--but NOT me! I refuse to go anywhere but home after exercising, so workouts during the work day are out of the question for me. If I can't shower, freshen up, and do my makeup it's not happening. Last thing I need is to show up to my job looking like a sweaty, hot mess!

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Get fit in 2014 with this FUN & effective fitness craze

You know that an important part of your journey to good health is exercise. But I realize a lot of women don't enjoy going to the gym or walking on a treadmill every day. So in today's blog I'm going to tell you a way I found to get a good workout and still have fun.

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7 Inspiring celebrity bikini selfies to help you stick to your resolutions!


I dont know if you've seen Thalia's latest holiday pictures, but she's sporting a bikini and a super toned bod that would make any of us envious. While most of us were spending time indoors and stuffing ourselves with rich foods, she was flaunting her assets on the beach.

I later learned that she wasn't the only Latina celeb showing off her body and boy did they serve as a wake-up call. If you're looking to get fit in 2014 these ladies can be the ultimate motivation for you. If they can look THAT good in a bikini, so can you!

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6 ways to actually stick to your health resolutions

For many people, New Years resolutions are more ilke fantasies than actual goals--you might think about them, but chances are they never end up actually happening. But 2014 can be the year you change all that and actually follow through with your plans. How? Below, check out 6 tricks to actually sticking to your fitness resolutions:

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