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5 Painless ways to avoid stress during the holidays


We may not want to admit it, but holiday stress and anxiety is a real thing. You don't have to feel like the Grinch just because you aren't sharing in the holiday cheer. The fact is that the holidays are a very stressful time of year. Between shopping, parties and keeping the peace with family, the holidays could be one of the most stressful times of the year. We have five easy tips to destress during the holidays

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Woman loses 300 pounds & you have to see her now


I have to share with you this amazing weight loss transformation, which is one of the most drastic and inspiring yet. Weighing 457 pounds comes with emotional and physical challenges, but one woman decided to make a change for the better. At that weight, Rhonda Martin had trouble even walking or breathing and knew that her life was being cut short. "I was just existing," she told ABC News. The 43-year-old woman started taking 100 steps a day and eating healthy meals. After two years of pushing herself more and more, Martin managed to lose almost 300 pounds. She seriously looks like a new woman! 

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Snooki waist trains with a faja after welcoming baby girl

Holy, faja y chichos! Snooki recently fell for the celeb waist training trend. Nicole Polizzi showed off her new faja while admitting to fans on Instagram, "Every mom needs a little extra help sometimes." There's no denying that! The 26-year-old reality television star and fiance Jionni Lavalle welcomed their daughter Giovanna Marie LaValle back in September. In almost two months, the fit mom has bounced back into shape like a pro and wait until you see how tiny her waist looks in the waist trainer!

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Jennifer Lopez shows off her AMAZING body, shows Marc Anthony what he's missing

If this doesn't get me to start working out again, nothing will. Jennifer Lopez's new endorsement campaign BodyLab will show you the most chiseled abs you've ever seen. This woman is 45 years old and looks better than most 30-somethings I know! This is the best she has ever looked and the timing comes, well, at just the right time. Her ex-husband Marc Anthony has moved on with Shannon de Lima and is planning to get hitched for a third time. She is definitely showing the salsero what he's missing. 

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3 Weird symptoms we can blame on PMS

No one enjoys that time of the month. There are those common symptoms that we put up with like cramping, bloating and moodiness, but there are other side effects of having our menstrual cycle that also just suck. Here are three weird things that we have to deal with when we have our periods. 

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10 Natural laxatives that really work


Constipation is (I'm sure we can all agree) one of the most horrible feelings we can possibly experience. It just ruins everything. We get in a bad mood, we feel like outcasts because we can't enjoy ourselves. We feel bloated, gassy,  and we are afraid to go out because we might get that alarming pain in our stomach that indicates it's time to go.

People with serious constipation issues suffer from hemorrhoids and even colon disorders. Most people get tired of taking laxatives because it can affect the liver. Don't despair; we have natural solutions for you to help you go to the bathroom.

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7 Natural remedies for pain & inflammation

Immflamation PHOTOS

Chronic inflammation is a silent killer because it's very difficult to diagnose. It happens when the immune system stops working properly and assumes that everything in the body is an infection. When something is wrong in your system, pro-inflammatory hormones summon white blood cells to attack the problem and once the situation is under control, anti-inflammatory agents take over and start the healing process. When the immune system is unbalanced, chronic or acute inflammation happens and that condition could be life-threatening.

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Reasons your period may be late


Getting your period every month is a total downer (especially when it happens to pop in at the most inconvenient time), but if you're trying to get preggers then having that regular visit from Aunt Flo is like a pat on the back for another successful month. So when your period goes missing for a few days or weeks, you start stressing and crying and rushing to the nearest pharmacy for a pregnancy kit. Turns out there are quite a few reasons your menstruation might be M.I.A. and it's nothing to do with a b-a-b-y.

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Hundreds of Colombian girls suffering from mysterious illness

Imagine being rushed to the hospital after being treated with a common vaccine. That's exactly what happened to two hundred women in a small town in Colombia. Girls from the town El Carmen de Bolivar were hospitalized after having a bad reaction to the popular HPV vaccine Gardasil, which helps protect against cervical cancer. The reported symptoms of the girls, ranging in age from 9 to 16 years old included fainting, numbness and headaches. 

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4 Things you didn't think you could eat that are actually very healthy

There's no waste in vegetables and fruits, not even those parts that usually end up in the trash like shells, roots, seeds and other parts. I had already heard that many of them contain most of the nutrients, having even greater vitamin content than those supplied by the pulp or core of the fruits or veggies.

That's why, today we want to tell you about some fun ways you can eat banana peels, watermelon rinds and other surprise creations by chef Aldo Zilli, supervised by expert dietitian Dr. Sarah Schenker.

Eating snacks prepared at home has never been so fun and motivating. Be inspired by these fabulous ideas!

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