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6 Ways to make your menstrual cycle work FOR you


Let's face it: Aunt Flow isn't exactly a visitor we get excited about each month, but what if I told you that there are ways to make your menstrual cycle work to your advantage? Your period doesn't just come with cramps and crazy mood swings, there are actually some benefits to it. It's true! Below, six ways that you can make your menstrual cycle work for you.

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11 Easy ways to make your boobs look perkier

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Every woman wants to enjoy firm, youthful and perky breasts. But let's face it, our boobs aren't exactly the same as they were when we were younger. Weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy and simply aging can take a toll on your bust, causing it to lose perkiness and begin to sag. Fortunately, there are solutions to help firm up a sagging bust regardless of your age or size. Check out a few of these breast-lifting tricks and tips that will help give your breast and confidence an instant boost--no surgery necessary!

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8 New weight loss treatments you'll be hearing about very soon

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Losing weight is a battle and there are countless of weight loss treatments selling the perfect solution. As technology continues to advance, so do advanced treatments that promise to lower our waistlines with minimal effort. While some of these treatments have been FDA approved and are fresh on the market, others are still being studied and some are even banned as of now. One thing is for sure, scientist are pushing hard to develop the perfect weight loss treatment for the future. Check out eight new weight loss treatment you may have never heard of--but may be tempted to try!

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Kourtney Kardashian is waist training with a faja!


It's really hard to believe she gave birth just six weeks ago! Kourtney Kardashian's post pregnancy body is getting some help from our trusty faja! The eldest Kardashian sister just gave birth to her third child, a baby boy named Reign. Kourtney shared a photo of her waist training game and wrote, "Gettin' it right, gettin' it tight ... with my waist shaper!" If you ask me, I don't think she needs the shaper at all! She looks amazing!

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5 Warning signs your tongue reveals about your health


Like it or not, we have to learn to mind our tongues--literally. There's a reason why most doctors ask you to open wide during annual check-ups. The tongue's pigmentation and color indicates a lot about our general health and diet. As part of the body's digestive system, the tongue reveals the toxin levels in our bodies and could point to illnesses before they strike hard. Here are five specific warning signs your tongue could be trying to tell you. 

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SEE Rosie Rivera's amazing new body after 20 lb. weight loss!


Yes she can! Rosie Rivera's weight loss is pretty remarkable and definitely makes me question skipping the gym so much. The little sister of Diva de la Banda Jenni Rivera dropped more than 20 pounds with fitness trainer Alejandro Chaban's diet, the same fitness coach that Chiquis Rivera used to drop nearly 30 pounds last year. Rosie managed to drop the weight in just four months! She really looks incredible. I love that she looks fit and tone, but still has her curves. The best part is that she's spilling her fitness secrets!

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How to get rid of your post-pregnancy belly for good


As women, facing the post-pregnancy belly bulge could be daunting. You stare at your belly and wonder when it's going to get back to "normal size," but the truth is that rocking flat stomach just weeks after giving birth is NOT normal. Celebs may make it look easy, but by no means is it healthy or natural. That's because most women's uteruses are still retracting to normal size up to eight weeks after giving birth. The real reason your pesky belly bulge sticks around could surprise you.   

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5 Fertility facts every woman should know

I think it's safe to say that most people know very little about their own reproductive systems. We generally know what parts we have and the basics of how to make a baby, but are typically pretty clueless about the actual science that is involved in the process. We know that women ovulate every month and that unprotected sex around that time can result in pregnancy, we know that we get our periods a couple weeks later if we're not pregnant, and we know that if we don't use some form of contraception and have unprotected sex there is always a chance of getting pregnant. But, there's actually a lot more to fertility than those basic facts!

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8 Foods to eat for a healthy vagina


We all know what to eat to ward off heart disease, nurture our hair and skin, and keep our general health in check, but what about more specific organs that could benefit from some dietary attention? Women, it's time we gave ourselves a little love down below and I'm not talking about masturbation. There are other ways to make sure we're being good to our vaginas so let's list out the yummy foods you can eat to make sure your vagina is always happy and healthy.

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5 Painless ways to avoid stress during the holidays


We may not want to admit it, but holiday stress and anxiety is a real thing. You don't have to feel like the Grinch just because you aren't sharing in the holiday cheer. The fact is that the holidays are a very stressful time of year. Between shopping, parties and keeping the peace with family, the holidays could be one of the most stressful times of the year. We have five easy tips to destress during the holidays

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