A household item you use every day could harm your unborn baby!

Many of us use antibacterial soap to kill off the germies when we wash our hands, but a new report released by the American Chemical Society found that ingredients in these soaps can harm fetuses.

You may think you're taking the right step to stay healthy and ward off sickness, but in reality it could be a real hazard to pregnant women and their unborn babies.

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Tap yourself skinny with this easy & effective weight loss technique!


There are so many weight loss methods out there that women are told to follow. Whether it's fasting for a couple of days or cutting back on carbs, it's almost always something extreme that almost always fails.

However, there's a book called Tapping for Weight Loss that claims to have found the solution to losing and keeping the weight off. You're never going to believe WHAT the weight loss magic is either!

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The bigger the penis the bigger the problems in marriage

You know what they say: "It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean." Well, while we've all likely rolled our eyes when hearing this cliché, it turns out there might be some truth to it after all. A study led by Kenyan researchers and published in the journal PloS One discovered a link between larger penis sizes and marital infidelity--but, surprisingly, it's the wives who were stepping out!

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5 Gross things you didn't know about your body

The human body is both beautiful (have you seen J.Lo's?) and disgusting at the same time. The disgusting part is something we don't think much about. The only times we do is if we are fixated on our flaws. However, there's more than meets the eye when it comes to our bodies and it is NOT a pretty sight.

I'm not even talking about your chichos or your stretch marks. In fact, it goes beyond that and it's pretty GROSS!

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Being cold can actually help you lose weight!


I know it's only barely the start of winter, but I am already sick and tired of it and this Polar Vortex nonsense. For once I would like to not feel frostbitten, but little did I know that this is a good way to lose weight! Not the frostbite, but allowing yourself to be exposed to colder temperatures.

Experts have found that by remaining in uncomfortably cold environments you can easily and healthily lose weight as opposed to being warm and cozy. Hmm, I don't know about that...

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AVOID this surprising trick fast food restaurants use so you eat more!


Everywhere you look today you are bound to see a fast food restaurant. It's convenient when you're in a rush for a meal that isn't too expensive, but we all know it's not the healthiest choice. The issue is we don't order from the kids menu, but instead super size our meals because it offers us the better deal. Unfortunately that better deal also contributes to the country's obesity problem and our inability to have self control.

However it looks like fast food companies have been keeping a secret from us that are causing us to eat more without even realizing it!

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Drink up to prevent sickness!


Maybe there is a totally scientific reason why people say, "Salud!" when toasting. Could it be that drinking really is good for your health? Seems like it. A recent study, just in time for the holiday party season, makes the case that moderate drinking is good for your immune system. Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University got a bunch of rhesus macaques, a monkey whose immune system closely resembles ours, and did some scientific mumbo jumbo to them and then divided them into two groups: one that was allowed to drink booze and one that wasn't. The results are in and the news is good for moderate drinking monkeys and humans, I'm assuming.

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Learn the truth about food expiration dates

I'm guilty as much as the next person of tossing out food once it's past its expiration date. I felt even more ashamed after learning that the Natural Resources Defense Council discovered that over 90 percent of Americans throw out food that is still edible because they go by expiration dates. This also proved that many of us misunderstand the concept of a "Sell by," "Best by" and "Use by" date, which AREN'T indicators of food safety.

Not only are tons of good food being discarded, but many of us are left completely confused.

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Bacon is the yummiest form of birth control yet

I love bacon. When cooked perfectly, it melts in your mouth and produces all kinds of satisfation. I suppose most people know that bacon isn't really "health" food as it has high amounts of saturated fats and sodium. Sigh. Here's some newish news about bacon though, presented by the Harvard School of Public Health: bacon can be detrimental to men's fertility. Does that mean we've finally found a method of birth control for men that they would actually remember to take?

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10 Nasty ingredients found in food you eat every day

You assume that the foods you eat on a daily basis have passed inspection and are safe to eat. But did you know a lot of your foods have DISGUSTING hidden ingredients you didn't know about? I'm talking things that make you want to throw up your last meal and never eat again. However, we know that's not realistic, but you should at least know what goes into your food.  

Those ingredients you can't pronounce on the back of your favorite box of your favorite cookies are about to be revealed…  

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