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5 Power foods for a healthy winter

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While winter is the glorious season of holidays, family get-togethers and parties, it is also the season of flu, colds, arthritis attacks and other physical and physiological winter diseases. While indulging in comfort foods to keep us warm on a chilly winter day, we ignore important nutrients that can severely impact our health. Below you will find 5 powerful nutrients that will help you avoid those winter blues:

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13 Latina celebs reveal their incredible weight-loss secrets

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Celebrities: they're just like us. They crave cheeseburgers and fries, and occasionally feel guilty about scarfing down that half-pint of Ben & Jerry's during a recent Scandal marathon. Hey, it happens. However, unlike most of us, celebs have personal trainers and celebrity chefs on hand to help them lose the extra pounds. Not fair, right? Well…I may have found a way to get all the benefits of a pricey celeb workout without having to spend a single penny.

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6 Ways to sneak kale into your kids' food


Children can be really picky eaters, taking out all the greens and veggies from their plate until they're left with a heaping pile of whatever they happen to find tasty. So how's a mom to make sure that her kids are getting the nutrients they need and a good variety in their diet? You trick them into eating them, of course! Kale, for instance, is labeled as a superfood because it's so nutritious, but kids might make a face when they hear about the leafy green. With these tips, your kids won't even taste that kale coming so don't be surprised if they start making special requests for dinner time.

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8 fall juices to lose weight


Juicing often gets the cold shoulder in favor for hot chocolate and pumpkin spice lattes during chillier months, which is a real shame. Fruit and veggie fall juices are jam-packed with sniffle-fighting vitamin and minerals, and tummy-trimming properties. I bet Swiss Miss can't claim to do the same.

Contrary to popular belief, juicing isn't a seasonal fad; it's something you can do all year round. In fact, autumn is the perfect time to juice. Fruits and veggies that are in season around this time of year tend to contain less sugar than their summery friends, and they also have more fiber, which is a good thing when you consider how bloated many of us tend to feel around this time of year. Even better, fall juices are bursting with vitamins C, A, and E, all which help you feel good, as well as look good. Given all of these benefits, why would you ever consider taking a break from juicing?

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5 Powerful ingredients to prevent cancer

Breast cancer is a very scary term that lately has become very common. The amount of women diagnosed with the disease has increased significantly in the last ten years and I'm sure someone close to you had been touched by those two words. Early detection is key and fortunately there are test that can predict if you have a higher chance to develop the disease. Some celebrities have undergone preventive mastectomies but you don't have to go that far because you can prevent cancer by eating certain foods.

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10 Deadliest health foods!

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Pssst! There are killers in my kitchen. Actually, they're in yours too.

Believe it or not, many of the "healthy" foods that we eat on a daily basis have the potential to make us very sick, or in some case, kill us. I don't know about you, but dying just doesn't sound healthy to me.

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Skip the gym & drink red wine instead, it's just as good for you!


Now THIS is science we could all get behind. A new study shows that drinking red wine is as good for you as going to the gym! Now all those nights you decided to sit back and watch yourself some Scandal while drinking a glass of red instead of hitting the treadmill were worth it. Works for me!

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7 Natural remedies for pain & inflammation

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Chronic inflammation is a silent killer because it's very difficult to diagnose. It happens when the immune system stops working properly and assumes that everything in the body is an infection. When something is wrong in your system, pro-inflammatory hormones summon white blood cells to attack the problem and once the situation is under control, anti-inflammatory agents take over and start the healing process. When the immune system is unbalanced, chronic or acute inflammation happens and that condition could be life-threatening.

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Lose weight and detox with the one gallon challenge

After the ALS ice bucket craze, a new challenge has popped up--the one gallon challenge to detoxify your body quickly and easily. And just in time, too, because after a summer of indulging and accepting all those BBQ invites, we could probably use a little health kick. But before you balk at the thought of healthy habits and the season coming to a close, read on to learn how to take on this sweet and tasty challenge.

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Girl forced to eat out of the trash at school

Imagine having your kid come back from school and say she was served school lunch out of a trash can. That is exactly what happened to Utah student Sierra Prince, who claims that she asked a kitchen employee for pizza, but there wasn't any left. The gross solution another school lunch worker found was to dig up a toss pizza--straight out of the trash can! Now this is the perfect example that some people just aren't meant to work with kids and belong in a freaking prison yard instead. Now Sierra's mom is fighting back and has some strong words for school officials.  

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