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10 Deadliest health foods!


Pssst! There are killers in my kitchen. Actually, they're in yours too.

Believe it or not, many of the "healthy" foods that we eat on a daily basis have the potential to make us very sick, or in some case, kill us. I don't know about you, but dying just doesn't sound healthy to me.

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Skip the gym & drink red wine instead, it's just as good for you!


Now THIS is science we could all get behind. A new study shows that drinking red wine is as good for you as going to the gym! Now all those nights you decided to sit back and watch yourself some Scandal while drinking a glass of red instead of hitting the treadmill were worth it. Works for me!

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7 Natural remedies for pain & inflammation


Chronic inflammation is a silent killer because it's very difficult to diagnose. It happens when the immune system stops working properly and assumes that everything in the body is an infection. When something is wrong in your system, pro-inflammatory hormones summon white blood cells to attack the problem and once the situation is under control, anti-inflammatory agents take over and start the healing process. When the immune system is unbalanced, chronic or acute inflammation happens and that condition could be life-threatening.

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Lose weight and detox with the one gallon challenge

After the ALS ice bucket craze, a new challenge has popped up--the one gallon challenge to detoxify your body quickly and easily. And just in time, too, because after a summer of indulging and accepting all those BBQ invites, we could probably use a little health kick. But before you balk at the thought of healthy habits and the season coming to a close, read on to learn how to take on this sweet and tasty challenge.

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Girl forced to eat out of the trash at school

Imagine having your kid come back from school and say she was served school lunch out of a trash can. That is exactly what happened to Utah student Sierra Prince, who claims that she asked a kitchen employee for pizza, but there wasn't any left. The gross solution another school lunch worker found was to dig up a toss pizza--straight out of the trash can! Now this is the perfect example that some people just aren't meant to work with kids and belong in a freaking prison yard instead. Now Sierra's mom is fighting back and has some strong words for school officials.  

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RECALL! Chicken nuggets could make your kids sick


Mami, stop what you are doing right now and run to the kitchen! Open the freezer and make sure you don't have a box of Applegate Naturals Chicken Nuggets in there. If you do, don't feed your child! Perdue just recalled 15,300 pounds of the kids' favorite meal because they are contaminated with pieces of plastic!

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The popular diet that actually makes you GAIN weight!


To lose weight successfully, you have to understand the anatomy of your body first. You are frustrated because your high protein diet is working well for your husband, but you are still waiting to see the results. The reason your waistline is not shrinking is because of your serotonin levels. Yes, that hormone is responsible for giving us the feeling of satiety and that high protein meal is lowering your levels of the hormone. 

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HUGE Recall: California fruits contaminated with deadly listeria!


A California-based packing company has just issued a recall for fresh fruits sold in stores you've probably visited to do your groceries. The reason is so scary! A selection of fresh fruits have been flagged because they might be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, an organism that can cause serious infections in children, sick or elderly people and those with a weakened immune system. The risks are even more dangerous for pregnant women as Listeria can cause miscarriages and stillbirths. Read on to see the products that could be contaminated!

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Disturbing skinny trend in Hollywood will SHOCK you


Just when I thought Hollywood was embracing curves and women with more meat on their bones, a new unhealthy trend starts circulating. Apparently now the "it" thing is to be a size triple zero with a 23-inch waist. Yes, sadly that's NOT a joke. Grazia magazine reports that women in L.A. are obsessing over being the tiniest they can get. "It's not about size zero anymore. These days, double-zero sizes don't cut it either. Size triple zero is the number-one goal here."

Ugh, really people? Why are we regressing when we should be progressing!

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Yale threatens to kick out student because she's too skinny


Women are used to being fat shamed, but we forget that thin women also get attacked. In fact, prestigious Ivy league Yale is in hot water for almost kicking out one of their students for being too thin. The 20-year-old woman, Frances Chan, claims in a personal essay written for The Huffington Post that the school nurse conducts monthly weigh-ins on her because they believe she has an eating disorder.

Not only does their conduct sound unprofessional, but the bigger issue is that Chan claims that her whole family including herself are naturally very thin people.

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