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HUGE Recall: California fruits contaminated with deadly listeria!


A California-based packing company has just issued a recall for fresh fruits sold in stores you've probably visited to do your groceries. The reason is so scary! A selection of fresh fruits have been flagged because they might be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, an organism that can cause serious infections in children, sick or elderly people and those with a weakened immune system. The risks are even more dangerous for pregnant women as Listeria can cause miscarriages and stillbirths. Read on to see the products that could be contaminated!

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Disturbing skinny trend in Hollywood will SHOCK you


Just when I thought Hollywood was embracing curves and women with more meat on their bones, a new unhealthy trend starts circulating. Apparently now the "it" thing is to be a size triple zero with a 23-inch waist. Yes, sadly that's NOT a joke. Grazia magazine reports that women in L.A. are obsessing over being the tiniest they can get. "It's not about size zero anymore. These days, double-zero sizes don't cut it either. Size triple zero is the number-one goal here."

Ugh, really people? Why are we regressing when we should be progressing!

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Yale threatens to kick out student because she's too skinny


Women are used to being fat shamed, but we forget that thin women also get attacked. In fact, prestigious Ivy league Yale is in hot water for almost kicking out one of their students for being too thin. The 20-year-old woman, Frances Chan, claims in a personal essay written for The Huffington Post that the school nurse conducts monthly weigh-ins on her because they believe she has an eating disorder.

Not only does their conduct sound unprofessional, but the bigger issue is that Chan claims that her whole family including herself are naturally very thin people.

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5 Surprising health benefits of beer


Ladies, it might be time to flip the switch on the men in our lives. It may be time to sit ourselves down on the sofa every night and call out, "Honey, can you get me a beer?!" And you don't even have to feel guilty about it because the latest research suggests that beer may be good for your health. Red wine has long been celebrated for its health benefits, well turns out beer may even have more health benefits than its hoity toity wine-y relative. How so?

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The shocking truth about microwaving your food


I'm used to microwaving certain foods if I'm on the go, but is it really all that healthy? For the longest time you've heard the debate go back and forth about whether it's dangerous or not to microwave your greens. Well, finally the answer is here!

And guess what? It's not what you would expect!

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AVOID this surprising trick fast food restaurants use so you eat more!


Everywhere you look today you are bound to see a fast food restaurant. It's convenient when you're in a rush for a meal that isn't too expensive, but we all know it's not the healthiest choice. The issue is we don't order from the kids menu, but instead super size our meals because it offers us the better deal. Unfortunately that better deal also contributes to the country's obesity problem and our inability to have self control.

However it looks like fast food companies have been keeping a secret from us that are causing us to eat more without even realizing it!

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The truth about baby carrots will SHOCK you


My husband keeps nagging me to stop eating baby carrots and he has pretty much forbidden our kids to eat them at home, but I'm sure they get them as snacks in school. Last night as I lay in bed right before dozing off, I said, "Dang it! I forgot to put the baby carrots I bought in the fridge." To which he responded, "Why are you still eating baby carrots? I told you to stop." I answered, "Because you never gave me a good explanation about why I should stop." Today, I went looking for an explanation. Are baby carrots evil? Here is the truth I uncovered about baby carrots.

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5 Healthy midnight snacks that won't make you gain weight

One of the things we're constantly told during weight loss is that we shouldn't eat past a certain time at night. The problem with this strategy is that there will be times when you get a craving for a midnight snack. You then worry that by satisfying your appetite that you'll be sabotaging your weight loss goal.

Contrary to popular belief, this couldn't be more false! 

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5 Ways pomegranate can help you lose weight & stay healthy

If you've been in a supermarket at all this fall, then you've probably noticed the pomegranate fruit being sold everywhere. This seeded apple is not like all the other fruits out there. You only eat the seeds found inside this exotic fruit which provides you with tons of nutrients, including many weight loss benefits.

Now that I have you intrigued by this ruby red gem, you will love learning about all the health benefits it can provide for you.

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5 Reasons you should drink aloe vera juice every day

You've heard of the amazing health benefits of coconut water, but now aloe vera juice is giving it a run for its money. Aloe vera has long been used to soothe sunburns, added to beauty supplements, and even for weight loss. Now there is reason to believe that we have a lot to benefit from thanks to its juices.

This superfood is a must-have on your next supermarket run! So why is aloe vera juice flying off the shelves? Let us count the ways…

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