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Lose weight with this yummy chia fresca drink!

You may be familiar with the chia fresca drink or "agua de chia". The chia seed is the ultimate superfood--it has been around for ages and was popular among the Aztecs. This seed is perfect to get in your daily omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, calcium, protein, and so many more vitamins and minerals. The issue with it is that most people purchase it and then don't know how to use them.

That's when I recommend trying a delicious chia fresca to quench your thirst and nourish your body.

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Try the Detox Diet to lose weight & clean out your body


What if there was a shortcut to losing all your unwanted pounds and inches? And what if this simple shortcut not only made you look great, but also makes you feel even better than you look, taking your health to new heights? Would that be something you'd be interested in knowing about?

Well that's good because I'm about to share a natural way to boost your metabolism to the way it was in your teenage years, so you're able to easily melt fat around the clock. Remember those days? You could eat whatever you want and not gain a pound? Now, it feels like just looking at a bowl of ice cream sends "two scoops of fat" to your hips and thighs.

Do you know the reason for the difference?

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Try the mushroom diet to lose the weight without losing your curves

It's not uncommon that during weight loss women's butts and breast sizes shrink along the way too, but the M-Plan diet promises to prevent that! Celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne and Katy Perry swear by the M-Plan, a diet which consists of replacing one meal a day with a mushroom infused dish.

The diet claims that in a matter of 14 days, you can drop up to a dress size, but STILL keep your sexy curves. You're probably wondering what it is about mushrooms that make them so great. Well, read on to find out!

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12 Pequeños cambios que te ayudarán a bajar de peso


La creencia de que morirte de hambre para perder mucho peso es cosa del pasado. Nada tan sencillo como hacer algunos cambios en tu estilo de vida y tu alimentación para que logres deshacerte de esas libras que te sobran. Lo importante es que tengas la convicción de hacerlo y que comiences hoy mismo.

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Lose all the weight with this miraculous 5-minute daily routine

I want to introduce you to one of the most powerful weight loss tools you'll ever discover. It only takes up five minutes of your day, but once you start using it, you'll find that your pounds and inches begin to melt away. This is something you can use anywhere: You don't need to be near a gym and you don't need any expensive exercise equipment, either. But it will help you reach your weight loss goals faster than any treadmill or elliptical ever can. Ready to find out what it is? I bet you won't expect it, but believe me, it works.

I use it with clients all the time and it gets them to start losing weight when everything else has failed.

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5 Ways aloe vera is the key to losing weight

Aloe vera, or sábila to us Latinas, is a plant that's been used since before our abuelas' times. This incredible plant is meant for more than soothing sunburns or skin irritation; in fact it can even help you lose weight. Yes, the plant you used for many years to cure cuts and other skin issues can do wonders for your waist line and you didn't even know it!

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6 Ways to lose weight effortlessly

It's hard out there for a busy mom. If you've been wanting to shed a few unwanted pounds, but you simply don't have any extra time in your day to hit the gym, complete a workout DVD or attend a weight loss meeting, trying to figure out where to start can seem an impossible task. However, it's actually possible to drop a few pounds here and there without making any major changes. 

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SEE Rosie Rivera's amazing new body after 20 lb. weight loss!


Yes she can! Rosie Rivera's weight loss is pretty remarkable and definitely makes me question skipping the gym so much. The little sister of Diva de la Banda Jenni Rivera dropped more than 20 pounds with fitness trainer Alejandro Chaban's diet, the same fitness coach that Chiquis Rivera used to drop nearly 30 pounds last year. Rosie managed to drop the weight in just four months! She really looks incredible. I love that she looks fit and tone, but still has her curves. The best part is that she's spilling her fitness secrets!

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10 Weight loss smoothies & juices Latina celebs swear by

alessandra PHOTOS

Celebs have been swearing by the beautifying and slimming properties of smoothies and juices for a while now, but I'll admit that I've long thought them to be more for waifish, Gwyneth Paltrow-types. Well, it turns out I was wrong. Several Latina celebs, like Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara, have come out of the juicing closet over the several years, crediting these designer concoctions for their tone, taut and enviable curves. Now, that's what I'm talking about!

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The Oatmeal diet: 3 ways to do it right


With all of the fattening holiday fixings coming up, bookmarking a good weight loss and detox diet is essential for keeping our scale in check. The oatmeal diet is a seasonal favorite since it keeps you full longer and allows you to stay in the healthy range of consuming about 1200 calories per day. According to the Journal of Preventive Medicine, oatmeal can also help lower cholesterol and even lower the risk of certain types of cancers. It's one of the healthiest foods you can serve in a bowl, but the key is to make sure you're doing the oatmeal diet right. 

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