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5 Habits to you NEED to stop to fight belly fat

With countless reports stating that fat around the midsection can lead to a greater risk for cardiovascular disease, it's important to keep that waist as trim as possible. But could you be inadvertently making it more difficult to cut that belly fat? Below are five bad habits you could be doing that are causing that muffin top.

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6 Easy ways to get out of a weight loss rut


When you put in the hard work to lose some weight, you expect to see results. But after the initial few weeks of a diet, many people seem to hit a period where their weight loss suddenly plateaus. The numbers on your weight scale don't seem to budge despite putting in the same amount of effort that up until yesterday was giving you pleasing results.

You have hit what's known as a weight loss plateau. Here I give you 6 easy but very effective ways to get over that plateau like a champ!

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The Oatmeal diet: 3 ways to do it right


With all of the fattening holiday fixings coming up, bookmarking a good weight loss and detox diet is essential for keeping our scale in check. The oatmeal diet is a seasonal favorite since it keeps you full longer and allows you to stay in the healthy range of consuming about 1200 calories per day. According to the Journal of Preventive Medicine, oatmeal can also help lower cholesterol and even lower the risk of certain types of cancers. It's one of the healthiest foods you can serve in a bowl, but the key is to make sure you're doing the oatmeal diet right. 

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7 Ways to avoid overeating during the holidays


November and December are the hardest months for most people who want to lose weight. There are just so many temptations and opportunities in the form of parties and family get-togethers where you can easily slip and gulp down hundreds of calories. But, before the holiday season starts, I would like to give you 7 powerful tricks you can use to lower the chances of putting on that infamous holiday weight that everyone regrets around January.

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Bottom heavy girls may owe their curves to this crazy disease!


Thanks to Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and those smarty pants scientists who discovered that hourglass-shaped women tend to be smarter than their more flaquita counterparts, curvy women have been have a serious moment as of late. As well we should. However, we should also be aware of the not-so-great things that come with being a bootilicious chica. For instance, did you know approximately eleven percent of adult women may be able to attribute their bootiful curves, not to their mamis or McDonalds, but to a dangerous fat disease known as lipodema? Ugh. (Insert expletive here!)

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Woman ate dog food for a week & lost tons of weight!


I've heard of dieters eating like birds, pero eating like a dog? Now, that's new. However that's exactly what one woman did. Paleo dieter and avid dog food label reader Anne Kadet says she swapped human food for dog food for a week, and the results were ah-mah-zing. But, is it healthy? She says it is. She ate dog food for six whole days, and even lived to tell about it. This is her story.

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5 Weight loss benefits of apples


Apple season is upon us! Who doesn't love running through an orchard with a basket of freshly picked apples to bring home? The good thing is that apples can actually help you lose and maintain your weight. Here are five ways that apples can help you with weight loss.

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5 Foods that you thought were good for you, but are BAD!


When a new superfood comes into the mix, it's easy to want to jump on board and buy in before doing your research as to whether this product is actually beneficial to your health. As it turns out some foods that have been touted as amazing for your diet can have some negative sides to them. Below, five foods that you might not have known could cause you harm.

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5 Power foods for a healthy winter

nutrients PHOTOS

While winter is the glorious season of holidays, family get-togethers and parties, it is also the season of flu, colds, arthritis attacks and other physical and physiological winter diseases. While indulging in comfort foods to keep us warm on a chilly winter day, we ignore important nutrients that can severely impact our health. Below you will find 5 powerful nutrients that will help you avoid those winter blues:

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6 Ways lemongrass can help you lose weight


Besides packing a punch in Asian dishes, lemongrass has been used for medicinal purposes for decades. Its citrusy flavor makes this perennial plant the perfect condiment for seafood, chicken, soups or even tea. It offers numerous therapeutic and many other health benefits, one of which includes weight loss.

If you want to lose weight and tone up in time for the holidays, here are some ways lemongrass will help you reach that goal faster:

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