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The 8 most commonly mislabeled foods

Unfortunately, these days there are many food manufacturers with ethical boundaries far more flexible than what we'd hope for. In this article you will discover eight mislabeled foods that are really not what you think they are. 

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Try the Detox Diet to lose weight & clean out your body


What if there was a shortcut to losing all your unwanted pounds and inches? And what if this simple shortcut not only made you look great, but also makes you feel even better than you look, taking your health to new heights? Would that be something you'd be interested in knowing about?

Well that's good because I'm about to share a natural way to boost your metabolism to the way it was in your teenage years, so you're able to easily melt fat around the clock. Remember those days? You could eat whatever you want and not gain a pound? Now, it feels like just looking at a bowl of ice cream sends "two scoops of fat" to your hips and thighs.

Do you know the reason for the difference?

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Try the mushroom diet to lose the weight without losing your curves

It's not uncommon that during weight loss women's butts and breast sizes shrink along the way too, but the M-Plan diet promises to prevent that! Celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne and Katy Perry swear by the M-Plan, a diet which consists of replacing one meal a day with a mushroom infused dish.

The diet claims that in a matter of 14 days, you can drop up to a dress size, but STILL keep your sexy curves. You're probably wondering what it is about mushrooms that make them so great. Well, read on to find out!

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5 Fat blasting ingredients to add to your water


We all know that drinking water is great for us, but sometimes we can get bored of the taste very easily. That means we don't drink enough of it and we can't afford to do that! With the warmer weather here, we need to stay properly hydrated. I know it gets boring drinking plain old water, but before you pour it down the drain and opt for a sugary drink, I have some suggestions for you. How about you try out naturally flavored water?

Not only will this make water seem more appetitzing, but it may also do wonders for your skin and waistline!

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Turmeric: The miracle spice that burns fat & helps you lose weight!

Today I want to talk to you about turmeric. This spice has been recognized in the east for its medicinal purposes for many years. But recent studies are starting to prove the claims; making it popular in western culture as well.

Turmeric is a spice related to ginger and can be added to a variety of foods for flavor as well as for the medicinal benefits. If you've eaten mustard, you've eaten turmeric. It's often referred to as the "Queen of Spices" due to the many anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties it contains. It's also full of nutrients such as fiber, protein, potassium, calcium, iron Vitamins C, E and K and a host of others.

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Green tea will help you drop the pounds, guaranteed!


This delicious fat loss weapon has been quietly used for centuries. But over the last few years, the secret has gotten out. Now, there's no denying it: Green tea is amazing for your health! And if you're trying to shed those extra pounds, it might be that helping hand you've been looking for. Because by simply sipping on a cup of this relaxing morning drink, you amp up your body's ability to burn that ugly fat.

And who doesn't want that, right?

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12 Breakfast foods that banish belly bloat

pineapple PHOTOS

You've heard countless times, I'm sure, that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Many people opt to skip out on it when they shouldn't, but those that do don't always make the best food choices. This also isn't a good strategy if you had a big meal the night before and woke up super bloated. If you want to debloat in the a.m., there are some easy ways to do it. If you follow these tips, you'll be bloat-free all day long.

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This diet can change your body & your life


A lot of people ask me about the Mediterranean diet and I wanted to discuss why this diet has been one of the favorites of cardiologists or heart surgeons. Those who live in the Mediterranean have some of the best life expectancies of anyone on the planet. This comes as a surprise to a lot of people because when we think of Mediterranean food, we tend to think of stuff like pizza and pasta. This isn't the kind of Mediterranean diet we're talking about. The true Mediterranean diet is very different and it has the ability to transform your body and change your life.

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Birch water: All you need to know about this new weight loss trend


You've probably heard of coconut water before. It's that hydrating, low-calorie drink that all the health magazines and weight loss experts are crazy about. But while coconut water has had a good run, it looks like its days at the top of the health food charts are numbered. There's a new water in town, and it's poised to be more popular and more nutritious than ever.

It's called birch water and it's made from the sap of birch trees. That sap is extracted and processed in the early months of spring, turned into drinkable water and sent to health food stores across the world. But why is birch water so great? And why should it replace your beloved coconut water? Let's take a look at this unique liquid now.

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Combine these 2 foods to lose weight even FASTER


Tired of toiling away at the gym, counting calories and starving yourself, only to see minimal results? You're not alone. Millions of women struggle with losing weight, and they're often disappointed and discouraged when results just don't come fast enough. Fortunately, I've got a secret that can help. Are you ready? Eat more honey and cinnamon. Yes! This powerful combination of foods can not only help you lose weight, it can actually speed up your results. And that means a slimmer waistline, a fitter body and a more confident you in no time. Read on to find out more about how it works and how to use it for maximum results!

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