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4 Things you didn't think you could eat that are actually very healthy

Stop! Don't dump that banana peel or watermelon rind. I've heard that they contain valuable nutrients. That's why, today we want to tell you about some fun ways you can eat banana peels, watermelon rinds and other surprise creations by chef Aldo Zilli, supervised by dietitian Dr. Sarah Schenker. Check out what the chef came up with!

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The shocking truth about egg yolks that no one knows

Eggs have gotten a bad rap, especially the egg yolk. Somewhere along the line someone decided that egg whites were all right but that yolks were bad for you. As a result, many are missing out on the major nutrients of this healthy food. I want to dispel the myths and show you why it's important to keep the yolk in your diet.

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6 Reasons this miracle ingredient is the key to weight loss & good health


Recently, I have been helping my dear friend who's been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and one of the most incredible things I came across was wheat grass. This miracle ingredient is not only good for curing diseases, but it can actually help our body to lose weight and here is why:

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4 Refreshing drinks that boost your fat-burning potential

A major part of weight loss is keeping your body hydrated with the right liquids. Many people don't like to drink plain water. If you're one of them, check out four incredibly refreshing drinks that hydrate your body and nourish it with the essential nutrients, enzymes and other compounds needed to melt those unhealthy fat deposits away.

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5 Ways coconut oil can help you lose weight fast!

Coconut oil has long been used as a beauty remedy meant to soften your skin and hair. But did you know that it also helps you lose weight? It might sound far-fetched because we're taught to believe that consuming foods with saturated fat can make us gain weight, when in fact this miracle oil can help you drop the pounds in ways you couldn't imagine.

So what's the big deal about coconut oil anyway? Behold the answer to all your dieting and weight loss worries…

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12 Cosas que si sigues ignorando van a acabar con la salud de tu corazón


Cuidar el corazón es importantísimo, eso no tiene discusión. Sin embargo, a veces nos olvidamos de que es nuestro principal motor y que debemos mimarlo. Tú eres la responsable por la salud de tu corazón, por eso es hora de que te fijes si estás haciendo lo correcto, de lo contrario puedes enfermarte. 

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Avoid these 6 foods & banish belly fat FOREVER!


Losing weight is no easy feat, especially when your trouble area is your stomach. Yes, ladies, we all yearn for that flat stomach with no side chichos creating undesirable muffin tops. But no matter how many sit ups and crunches we do, those abs remain hidden in a blob of fat. But there's a saying that goes: "Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym." So all that hard work you've been putting in to exercise and tone up probably has been backfiring because your diet is not on point.

By switching up certain foods and adding others into your daily meal plan, you'll be able to achieve that six pack in no time. But first you have to make sure to eliminate certain foods that could be harming your diet and the chances of getting rock hard abs. Here are the six of the worst foods to avoid if you want a flat stomach!

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5 Simple & easy habits that will help you lose weight ASAP!

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Staying healthy doesn't have to be hard. If you're a regular reader of my blog you know I'm always sharing ways to improve your health--that are simple and easy to follow. I'm not a big believer in trend diets that come and go and encourage you to eat a diet that's not really balanced. But some of my readers still say, "It's too hard. I can't keep up with everything you need to do to get healthy."

Today's post is about five very simple habits that will improve your health and help you lose weight. They are easy to remember and simple to follow.

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Tienes que ver a Dulce María tras rebajar casi 14 libras

dulce PHOTOS

Dulce María atraviesa uno de sus mejores momentos, además de los éxitos y la gran popularidad que continúa cosechando, la cantante perdió 14 libras y luce espectacular.

Acompáñame a recorrer su álbum de fotos a través de los años y déjame que te cuente cómo logró el cuerpazo que ahora luce y presume orgullosa.

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Add this magic ingredient to ALL your meals to lose weight & increase energy


What if I told you there's an ingredient you can add to any meal which drastically increases the healthiness of that meal in just seconds? What if there was a simple ingredient you can sprinkle on to turn up the fat-burning effects of any food?

Well, there is! And today I'm going to tell you all about it and about why I add this ingredient to all of my meals. I put it on my chicken, fish, and veggies. I put it in my lentils, smoothies, juices, cottage cheese, yogurt--everything. In fact, it's very rare for me to make any meal without sprinkling this special ingredient on top.

So what is it?

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