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10 Worst diet fails of 2014

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If a diet seems too good to be true, chances are it is. You'd think we'd  know that by now, but it appears that we don't. This past year saw some of the craziest diet trends to date, with people trying everything from ingesting creepy, crawly creatures to drinking batidos made from sapitos--all in the name of losing a few pounds. And those are hardly even the kookiest or most dangerous diet fads of 2014. What's worse is the fact that many of these trends are being hyped as natural and healthy. Listen to me when I tell you that they're not. Not by a long shot!  

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Mom eats a roll of toilet paper a day & can't stop


There's nothing worse than addictions and addictive personalities because the damage is often too great to overcome. Jade Sylvester is a stay-home mom of five who can't stop the urge of eating toilet paper. The 25-year-old mom developed the bizarre craving when she was pregnant with her youngest and thought it was due to a hormonal imbalance. Now that her son is 15 months old, Jade is still eating one roll of toilet paper a day and she loves the texture and the taste of the personal hygiene product.

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Woman loses 185 lbs easiest way possible & you can do it too!


For those struggling with their weight and self-esteem and feel that their wish to shed those extra pounds is a hopeless one, let me share this story of one woman who lost more than 185 pounds. One woman, 31-year-old Den-Ray Allen, weighed around 430 pounds at her peak and was just spiraling out of control with her eating habits. You'll never believe what it took to shed that first chunk of weight.

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Teasing leads teen to nearly starve herself to death

A Gloucester, New England girl lost a startling amount of weight after taunts from a family member sent her into a scary downward spiral that almost resulted in her death. A family member made "a daft little joke" about 17-year-old Deanna Carter's weight and called her "thunder thighs," which really damaged Carter's self-esteem and sent her into a deep depression and eating disorder. What until you hear how much weight the teen lost in just one year.

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Anorexic mom admits to starving herself during pregnancy


Some women regard pregnancy as a free pass to eat anything and everything their heart desires. After all, they are eating for two! However, if you're a woman who is dealing with or has ever dealt with an eating disorder, pregnancy can send you into a tailspin of binging, purging, and extreme dieting. Just ask mother of two, Holly Griffiths. At 5'5, the 21-year-old London native weighed less than 110 pounds when she was 8 months pregnant with her second child.


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Her weight plummeted to 70lbs before cheerleading saved her life!


Lynne Lang was an average teenager who loved going to school and being a cheerleader, but when she was 17 years old, she was diagnosed with anorexia. She only weighted 70 pounds and her life was in danger. Hospitalized and hooked to a heart monitor, Lynne wasn't allowed to do anything physical, especially practicing her beloved sport.  She thought her life was over. Cheerleading was the motivation Lynne needed to recover, gain weight and get her life back.

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Teen Instagrams her recovery from anorexia & it's inspirational!

Struggling with anorexia could be a very difficult and lonely journey, which is why one 18-year-old Swedish woman decided to finally fight back her disorder by documenting her progress on Instagram. Antonia Eriksson had gone down to 84 pounds (pictured here) back in 2012 before winding up in a hospital for two months.  Instagram wasn't just meant to keep her motivated to get healthy, but also to help others who are also suffering from the disease. You have to see how great she looks now!

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Ladies, NEVER try the "Tapeworm diet"

Oh my GOD, whatever you do, PROMISE me that you'll never, ever try the Tapeworm diet, which is exactly what it sounds like. As in, you swallow a tapeworm in the hopes that it will eat all your food and you will lose weight. 

Sounds totally insane, right? That's because it is! But that didn't stop one Iowa woman from swallowing the parasitic worm in the hopes of losing a ton of weight.

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"Thigh gap": Teen girls' depressing new body obsession comes complete with a hashtag

There's a strange new body trend out there that's apparently become the latest obsession among teenage girls. It's called "thigh gap." If you're still not familiar with this term, it refers to the clear space between two skinny thighs that don't touch. ABC's Juju Chang sat down with four junior high school girls about the latest trend that teens are now considering "the ideal body shape." How scary is that?

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Surprise: Our daughters are pressured by friends (not TV or magazines) to be skinny

It turns out that all this blame we've placed on the media telling girls they need to be thinner is wrong. In fact, new research says we should be looking at our daughters friends because they may be influencing these body image problems.

These findings were discovered after 237 girls ages 10 through 17 were surveyed regarding their favorite TV shows, rating how they felt about their bodies, peer competition, and social media activity. They were asked the same questions 6 months later concluding that peer influence affected their self esteem a whole lot more than any celebrities they were exposed to.

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