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Blonde woman goes insane, all because she thought her hair was changing color

I'll admit, I'm a tad bit obsessed with my hair, like most curly-haired girls are. But not nearly as obsessed as the 26-year-old British woman whose mood depended on how her hair looked. Frances Warren went bonkers thinking that her long blonde hair had turned into a ginger shade. She would call her hairstylist non-stop to come over and fix it. But nothing satisfied her, and the more she obsessed over it, the more anxious she became. Sadly, the story of this woman and her obsession with her hair does not end well...

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Your depression might be caused by "menstrual psychosis"

Watch out ladies, if you've been feeling seriously depressed lately, it might have nothing to do with your head and all to do with your period. There's a hormonal disorder, known as "menstrual psychosis" which is linked to a woman's monthly hormone levels and apparently can lead to manic depression. The rare condition leaves women with feelings of self-loathing, irrational fear of death, and even thoughts of suicide. But the scary thing is that a ton of women with this are being misdiagnosed!

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The 5 horrible effects of bad posture are much worse than you think

I was shocked to recently learn of the horrible effects of slouching and bad posture. Tell me I'm not the only one that grew up with her mother telling her not to slouch. I have reason to believe that my mother didn't like me slouching for aesthetic reasons and how it reflected on her, but it turns out that whatever her motivation: good posture is good for you and bad posture is bad for you. 

Keep in mind that proper posture isn't really about standing up straight. The spine is curved so when your body is in proper alignment, your back will form a slight s-shape with a small curve near your neck and one at the lower spine. An s-shape is good, but a c-shape in your back is a sure sign that you are slouching. And the effects are actually pretty scary--I am not kidding you! Check yourself out right now and if you aren't standing or sitting correctly, make sure you do so you can avoid these terrible consequences.

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Truth be told: Suicide is NOT an option for mommies


The recent suicide of country singer Mindy McCready has made me think about how the death of a mother affects her children. Her children no longer have a mother and are left to try to understand and carry on, alone to deal with their loss and grief.

Life can be trying at times. No one is immune from depression or the feeling of being overwhelmed and swallowed up by the circumstances of our lives from time to time. Motherhood, especially in the early years, can be lonely and overwhelming. It's easy to lose sight of yourself and your own hopes and dreams. Motherhood is hard work and it takes everything you have to get through some days.

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The terrifying truth about diet soda & depression

I have a love/hate relationship with diet soda. I love it because I sometimes need the sweetness of a caffeine boost and I don't want the calories, but I hate it because I know that diet soda isn't much better for me than regular soda since even just drinking ONE diet soda a day can give you a higher risk of heart attack or stroke. Well, now it turns out that there's one other major side effect of saving your calories by drinking diet soda: a new study has found a link between drinking diet soda or diet fruit drinks and an increased risk of depression.

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Baby girls exposed to stress could be prone to anxiety in their teen years

A new study is suggesting that if baby girls grow up in households with stressed-out moms, they're more likely to suffer from anxiety and other mental health problems as teenagers. While I'm not too surprised, I am fairly worried because I feel like I spend the majority of my day being stressed out about one thing or the other. That's why, I must say, I read the study's findings, published in the journal Nature Neuroscience on Sunday, with some trepidation.

More than anything, I wanted to know what kind of stress the study was talking about because I feel like pretty much everyone I know is under a lot of stress on a regular basis. Turns out it's pretty much any kind of stress you can imagine: from parenting frustrations and marital friction to financial problems and depression. 

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The reason some kids are shorter will shock you

A new study reveals that mothers who suffer from depression after giving birth are more likely to have children that are shorter than their peers. The scary part is that the mother's depression affects the child's growth for up to several years after birth!

These findings may become a new way to help doctors to determine if heights too short for a child's age are a warning sign. But how exactly can doctors determine if a child is short due to their mother's postpartum depression or if it's because of genes?

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Would you choose to forget your bad memories if you could?

We all have one of those. You know, that memory that makes you cringe every single time that it comes up. Sometimes it's an embarrassing childhood moment, other times it's something that you did as an adult that makes you feel like you're a terrible human being (that's not just me, right?).

Well, now science is saying that you might actually be able to get rid of those painful memories for good. The question is: Would you actually want to forget your most painful memories?

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Can stress really make you dumber?

As if we're not stressed enough, now we have to worry that our stress is actually SHRINKING OUR BRAIN?! Say what?!

A new study by Yale University has determined that severe depression and chronic stress can actually shrink the brain, which in turn affects mental functioning and emotion. So, basically, being depressed or stressed out can damage your brain… but now I'm depressed AND stressed out about damaging my brain! Geez, what now?

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Why unplugging at night is important if you want to avoid depression

When I read that the lastest study suggests too much light at night may lead to depression, I got a bit scared. Not because I'm glued to the TV set at night, but because I am glued to my laptop screen. You see, although I spend most of my day in front of a computer screen writing posts like this one, once I put the kids to sleep, on most nights, I go to bed myself, but with my laptop so I can work on my blog. While I don't do this every night, after reading about this study I'm thinking I've got to make some serious changes. 

The study, conducted on hamsters by Ohio State University Medical Center, concluded that exposure to dim lighting at night--the kind generated by a TV or computer screen--may lead to depressive symptoms. 

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