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New Skineepix app takes selfies to a new level of bad

Just when you thought selfies couldn't possibly get any worse, a new app called Skineepix has entered the picture (literally). As the name implies, Skineepix makes selfie takers look thinner by shaving five to 15 pounds off their face when applied. Well ... so much for positive body image.

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Normal Barbie could be coming to a store near you

Barbie has been at the center of a body image debate for many years now but recently, the controversy has reached a whole new level. Between the doll's increasingly unrealistic proportions and the horrifying influence it seems to be having on some women, it's very clear that it's time for a change.   

Well, thanks to a new crowdfunding campaign, we could soon be getting just that. Artist Nickolay Lamm, who gained online fame last year after creating a 3D-printed Barbie based on the average measurements of a 19-year-old, is now hoping to bring his version of the dolls to life. "Lammily" dolls, as he calls them, will be kind of like regular Barbies--except with more realistic looks and body.

All I can say to this is ... YES! What took so long?!

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5 Things you didn't know about your butt


There's no doubt that our society is obsessed with butts. Have you ever wondered why one of the funniest looking parts of the body is so fascinating to men and women alike? I know I have, and while I can appreciate a nice derreire, I don't see the big deal.

Celebrities such as Beyonce and Shakira are praised for their toned and lifted back sides, but did you know there's more to butts than their aesthetic appeal? Yes, there is more to the booty than making your jeans look good.

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Barbie designer defends doll's unrealistic proportions, leaves us sick to our stomachs

Barbie's insane, unrealistic proportions have stirred controversy and body image concerns for quite some time now, which is why I was absolutely appalled when I heard that the Mattel doll's lead designer, Kim Culmone, defended her crazy proportions and you'll never believe what she said.

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5 Surprising benefits of being naked


When it comes to being naked, you either have people who are able to do it with ease or others who are super self-conscious. If you are one of the former then you may be missing out on many surprising benefits of being nude. Getting over your shyness about wandering in your birthday suit is worth it if you know the many good things that can come from it.

Now I'm not saying you have to walk outside buck naked, but it's good practice to at least remain nude at home. The reasons will blow your mind...

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Mom with MMM size breasts wants them EVEN bigger!


Some women wish their breasts were slightly bigger and then there's Lacey Wildd who wants QQQ sized breasts. First of all, I didn't even know such a size existed, secondly, Wildd ALREADY has size MMM breasts! The former showgirl and mother of six appeared on TLC's My Strange Addiction explaining her love for plastic surgery and that she's not done with her procedures.

Good gracious! How big can these things really get?!

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Get a cellulite-free butt with these 5 easy solutions

Brazilians have some of the best butts out there, so it was no surprise that supermodel Izabel Goulart--who happens to be Brazilian--rocked the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last week. In fact the beauty's enviable assets are so perfect that there isn't even any sign of cellulite in sight! Many women dream of having a dimple-free derrière and struggle to either mask their bumps or improve them.

Well, we have some fun ways to shape up that booty that you may not have expected!

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Jennifer Lawrence + 6 Latinas that prove you don't need to be a size zero to be gorgeous!

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood these days, but she didn't always have such an easy time getting roles. In a recent interview in Harper's Bazaar UK, the star reveals she was once told she'd never make it if she didn't lose weight.

"Somebody told me I was fat, that I was going to get fired if I didn't lose a certain amount of weight," the 23-year-old told the magazine of her experience upon first getting into acting.

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5 Ways to perk up your boobs without surgery

Every mom knows that after having a baby she has to sacrifice the perfection of her boobs. Snooki admitted during a recent appearance on the Bethenny show that she would consider getting a breast lift because she's unhappy with her post-pregnancy breasts. After having her 1-year-old son Lorenzo last year, Snooki says that her boobs got so big, that they're now "disgusting" and "hanging."

Well, Snooki, luckily for you and our other mamás, we have a few solutions to help your boobs get back to their perky, pre-baby shape.  

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This is how post-baby bodies REALLY look & we LOVE them

There's no denying it, your body will NEVER be the same after giving birth. Some moms are okay with that, but most of the ones I know--including myself--have struggled with that notion. It's probably because we're constantly bombarded with images of women who "just gave birth" and look better than they did prior to getting pregnant. I'm thinking Shakira and Hilaria Baldwin here. Thing is, they don't represent typical post-baby bodies, but the women in the 4th Trimester Bodies Project do and they're just as beautiful!

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