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Your complete guide to a bigger butt fast!

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Big booties are here to stay and they're fabulous. Curves have always been in style in our culture, but nowadays the mainstream is all about the rear too. The issue is that not all of us were born with a natural big rear and that's okay. There are simple ways to lift your booty and get it in the best shape and desirable size possible. It's time to get strategic and motivated! Here's your complete guide to having a bigger booty naturally! 

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Baby girl born with no eyes & the photo is heartbreaking


Most women would be in shock and disbelief if they discovered that their baby would be born without eyes. Danielle Davis was told just that while she was pregnant with her baby girl. The 24-year-old English woman was asked if she wanted to terminate her pregnancy after doctors found a cyst growing in the baby's brain. Davis and her partner, Andrew Smith, refused and it was the best decision they could have made. Baby Daisy was born without eyes and will never be able to see, but her parents have a beautiful mission inspired by their brave little girl.

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The Kardashian women's REAL weight loss tricks revealed!

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Most of the Kardashian sisters have been praised for having real curves just like the rest of us. With curves comes the challenge of keeping it tight and right. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney seem to know the drill well. While two of them bounced back after pregnancy, Khloe has been sporting a new tiny frame and she's spilling the truth about how she lost the weight. These six Kardashian weight loss secrets may surprise you! 

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8 Things you do that are giving your wrinkles!

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Avoiding wrinkles is every woman's secret mission. We buy the top oils, serums and facial treatments to make sure we keep our youthful glow. But there could be some ways that we could be countering those anti-aging remedies everyday. There are daily habits and routines that could be causing us premature wrinkles without even knowing it! Find out what they are so you could cut the bad habits.

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8 Health reasons to avoid wearing tight clothes

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We have all fallen into the style trap of trying to be on fleek by wearing tight clothes. Whether it's to look cute or because we haven't realized that our waistline has bid farewell to a certain size, it's almost impossible to avoid outfits that are overly snug. Trends like skinny jeans and Bodycon dresses don't help either. Before you purchase another tight item to add to your stylish closet, make sure you review these health effects tight clothes cause.  

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11 Celebrities get a "gordita" makeover & it's amazing (PHOTOS)


Most celebrities freak out after gaining a couple of pounds or extra post-baby weight. But David Lopera has given some of the most loved and hated celebs a weight makeover. He has given plump makeovers to Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Iggy Azalea and so many more. The Spanish genius digitally enhanced everyone's figure to have more curves and reach plus-size status. We all know being big is beautiful, but I doubt Kim will love this bikini shot of her about ten dress sizes larger than she normally is. What inspired Lopera's masterpieces? The answer may surprise you. 

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Woman's botched boob left her rotting breasts, no nipples (GRAPHIC IMAGE)


Laura Damiani knew breast augmentation would cost an arm and a leg, but she had no idea going under the knife would end up costing her nipples--as well as her life as she knew it! Within weeks of having her breasts done, Damiani developed a rare infection that caused her breasts to rot. As a result, doctors had to remove both her nipples, leaving her scarred--both inside and out. I'm not even exaggerating. When you see the pics, you'll understand why Damiani says this surgery just about ruined her life!

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10 Weight loss realities no one will tell you

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We live in a fitness obsessed culture where weight loss programs, personal trainers and new workout plans are on high demand. We all want to lose weight, stay fit and transform the way we look. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that being healthy is the "It thing" right now, but people should really know what they are getting into when they decide to lose major pounds. There are big changes--physical and emotional--that happen after you lose weight and only people ready to accept those changes should embark on the weight loss journey. Check out some of the downsides of losing weight.

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Woman loses 185 lbs easiest way possible & you can do it too!


For those struggling with their weight and self-esteem and feel that their wish to shed those extra pounds is a hopeless one, let me share this story of one woman who lost more than 185 pounds. One woman, 31-year-old Den-Ray Allen, weighed around 430 pounds at her peak and was just spiraling out of control with her eating habits. You'll never believe what it took to shed that first chunk of weight.

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74-year-old woman's selfies prove beauty is timeless


Marna Clarke started taking naked selfies of herself four years ago, and hasn't been able to stop since. What's new, right? Everyone takes nude selifies these days. Well, yes and no. You see, Marna isn't your typical self-absorbed selfie queen. At 74 years young, Marna isn't taking these pics with the intention of impressing anyone, not even her husband Igor. Nope. Marna snaps pics of her naked body and shares them online for no other reason than to remind herself that she was, is, and always will be beautiful in the skin she's in.


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