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31 Days of Latinas losing weight: Tip #31

Today's the day you've been waiting for: The last day of our 31 Days of Latinas Losing Weight challenge. Are you ready for Tip #31?! First of all, I want to congratulate all of you on a job well done! And now, here's the last thing that you really, REALLY need to know...

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10 Priceless lessons I learned from failed weight-loss attempts

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Losing a few extra pounds can seem almost impossible at times. There are countless of fad diets that make you believe you can drop the chichos quickly, but the truth is that weight loss is a difficult journey. These are the most important lessons I've learned from way too many failed weight-loss attempts. 

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Meet the Latina Human Barbie, Amber Guzman


This Human Barbie's reason for transforming her figure isn't purely fueled by vanity. Amber Guzman was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, a rare genetic muscular disease that causes muscles to weaken. The debilitating condition makes it difficult for the California native to walk, run or even move from a seated position. Guzman has to be carried around like a doll, which gave her the idea to morph herself into a Human Barbie and take a positive spin on the incurable illness that plagues her every day. 

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Get the sexy flat tummy you've always wanted with these 5 tips


We all know that eating healthy and exercising daily can help us lose weight, but getting a flat tummy can be a harder job than we imagined. Even though some people think that doing abs is the answer, ab exercises really have nothing to do with losing body fat, especially in the belly area. Read on to find out my five foolproof tips for your flattest belly ever!

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SEE: Brazilian man deformed after toxic injections to pump up his arm muscles


If you thought those bodybuilding competitions were intense, you haven't seen anything yet. Brazilian bodybuilder Romario Dos Santos Alves beats all of the buff steroid-filled men out there and he has the animated character Hulk to thank for it. The 25-year-old's mission in life was to look like his superhero icon, which led him to become addicted to toxic injections to make his muscles grow to an ungodly size. Alves' body looks so painful to look at that I can't even imagine how he must feel trapped inside of his insanely muscular build. You have to SEE this guy's picture!

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10 Celebs who are proud of their curves & to have #moretolove

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Online haters (with nothing better to do) started body shaming Selena Gomez for bikini photos that surfaced of her while on vacation. I personally think Selenita looks better than ever! She made sure to shut the bullies down by posting a hot swimsuit photo and writing #moretolove. She looks stunning! Check out her jaw-dropping photo along with other celebrities who embrace their curves and have more to love. 

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Your complete guide to a bigger butt fast!

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Big booties are here to stay and they're fabulous. Curves have always been in style in our culture, but nowadays the mainstream is all about the rear too. The issue is that not all of us were born with a natural big rear and that's okay. There are simple ways to lift your booty and get it in the best shape and desirable size possible. It's time to get strategic and motivated! Here's your complete guide to having a bigger booty naturally! 

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Baby girl born with no eyes & the photo is heartbreaking


Most women would be in shock and disbelief if they discovered that their baby would be born without eyes. Danielle Davis was told just that while she was pregnant with her baby girl. The 24-year-old English woman was asked if she wanted to terminate her pregnancy after doctors found a cyst growing in the baby's brain. Davis and her partner, Andrew Smith, refused and it was the best decision they could have made. Baby Daisy was born without eyes and will never be able to see, but her parents have a beautiful mission inspired by their brave little girl.

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The Kardashian women's REAL weight loss tricks revealed!

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Most of the Kardashian sisters have been praised for having real curves just like the rest of us. With curves comes the challenge of keeping it tight and right. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney seem to know the drill well. While two of them bounced back after pregnancy, Khloe has been sporting a new tiny frame and she's spilling the truth about how she lost the weight. These six Kardashian weight loss secrets may surprise you! 

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8 Things you do that are giving your wrinkles!

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Avoiding wrinkles is every woman's secret mission. We buy the top oils, serums and facial treatments to make sure we keep our youthful glow. But there could be some ways that we could be countering those anti-aging remedies everyday. There are daily habits and routines that could be causing us premature wrinkles without even knowing it! Find out what they are so you could cut the bad habits.

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