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#GetYourBellyOut: Showcase your imperfect belly & be proud!


Women across the world are daring to bare their colostomy bags and scars as part of a new social media campaign, and I have to say, this is perhaps one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen online.

The "Get Your Belly Out" social media trend was started ulcerative colitis sufferer Victoria Marie in an effort to raise awareness about chronic stomach conditions. "I personally am passionate, driven and inspired to continue working hard at raising awareness for both Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis," explains the 26-year-old. "At the age of 26 I feel I have been to hell and back with this illness and it breaks my heart to contemplate how young children cope with such a life changing illness."

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WATCH: Misty Copeland is the baddest ballerina in America!

And by bad, I mean so, so good! Ever wondered if ballerinas are really athletes? Well, Misty Copeland answers that question pretty definitively in this amazing Under Armour ad that's gone viral. First of all, her body is SICK, and I mean in the most inspirational way possible. It's hard to imagine that the very thing that has propelled her to national fame almost kept her from ever becoming a ballerina.

You see, Misty didn't even start dancing until she was 13 years old, while most ballerinas begin classical training when they are super young (I'm talking like 4 and 5). So how did she conquer all the doubters?

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Mariah Carey's Photoshop disaster is one of the worst EVER


Mariah Carey is the latest celebrity to be subjected to the photoshop of horrors, this time at the hands of American sleaze artist extraordinaire, Terry Richardson.

Jezebel leaked before and after photos of the 44-year-old diva taken by the Richardson for Wonderland magazine, taking care to point out each and every alternation made to Mariah's before pics. And there were a lot.

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SEE: How underwear ads would look if "real men" posed

We always talk about how hard we women have it when it comes to beauty and body image. We browse through magazines and turn on our TVs only to find retouched models with flawless skin, perfect facial structures and near-impossible figures that seriously affects the way we view ourselves physically, whether we'd like to admit it or not.

But what about the guys? The fellas experience similar types of pressure from male models, celebs and professional sports players that make it seem like if you don't have a six-pack and incredibly muscular arms, that you're not attractive. British newspaper The Sun asked for anonymous "real" men to recreate poses from male models in underwear ads that will make any man feel more comfortable in his own skin. Wait until you see the results!

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Guys think a woman's sexiest quality is...

When it comes to pinpointing what makes a woman sexy, males and females have very different opinions. That was made clear in a recent poll conducted by Men's Health and Women's Health magazines, in which over 8,000 readers were asked to define the sexiest quality about a woman. Wait until you see the responses from each gender ... they couldn't have been more different!

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5 body flaws women need to STOP obsessing over


One of the many bodily woes we ladies go through are jiggly arms and rumor has it that the nearly perfect Jennifer Aniston is planning on getting surgery to fix it. Reportedly the 45-year-old actress is looking to get brachioplasty, or "batwing" surgery, as it is commonly known in Hollywood.

Oh brother! Just what we need, one MORE thing to nitpick about on our bodies!

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Mom says breast implants cured her depression


A 43-year-old mother of two says she cured her depression which lasted two decades by getting breast implants. Jill Walker say she lost most of her breast tissue after her second pregnancy which left her feeling insecure about her body. She was working as a traffic cop and was finally able to afford the surgery she longed for after she was let go from her job. She was given a severance package and with that, she got the surgery.

She had the procedure done less than two weeks after losing her job and went from a 32A cup size to a 32E. Walker says her depression was cured overnight thanks to the implants and doesn't regret her decision.

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New Skineepix app takes selfies to a new level of bad

Just when you thought selfies couldn't possibly get any worse, a new app called Skineepix has entered the picture (literally). As the name implies, Skineepix makes selfie takers look thinner by shaving five to 15 pounds off their face when applied. Well ... so much for positive body image.

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Normal Barbie could be coming to a store near you

Barbie has been at the center of a body image debate for many years now but recently, the controversy has reached a whole new level. Between the doll's increasingly unrealistic proportions and the horrifying influence it seems to be having on some women, it's very clear that it's time for a change.   

Well, thanks to a new crowdfunding campaign, we could soon be getting just that. Artist Nickolay Lamm, who gained online fame last year after creating a 3D-printed Barbie based on the average measurements of a 19-year-old, is now hoping to bring his version of the dolls to life. "Lammily" dolls, as he calls them, will be kind of like regular Barbies--except with more realistic looks and body.

All I can say to this is ... YES! What took so long?!

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5 Things you didn't know about your butt


There's no doubt that our society is obsessed with butts. Have you ever wondered why one of the funniest looking parts of the body is so fascinating to men and women alike? I know I have, and while I can appreciate a nice derreire, I don't see the big deal.

Celebrities such as Beyonce and Shakira are praised for their toned and lifted back sides, but did you know there's more to butts than their aesthetic appeal? Yes, there is more to the booty than making your jeans look good.

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