Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez share their workout routine while on tour & it's intense

Jennifer López y alex rodriguez

Not sure if you've noticed, but Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are FIT in capital letters. Clearly, they work out hard, and when they can, they work out hard together. We know because recently the couple had an intense workout at the Cowboys Fit gym in Frisco, Texas, and A-Rod posted a video documenting it on his YouTube channel, showing just how committed the couple is to fitness.

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What's particularly extraordinary is that the video was taken on a day that J.Lo was scheduled to perform for her It's My Party tour, and you might think that on a show day, she'd want to take it easy and save her energy for the show. But nope! That's not how J.Lo and A-Rod go about things.

Alex says in the video that on "game day"--or show day in J.Lo's case--the couple believes in starting the day off with an intense workout to "activate" the body and mind in order to "crush at night." They must know what they're doing, because they are both crushing life in general.

Check them out in action, and be inspired!

Why they work out so intensely on a show/game day.

Alex explains at the top of the video that on game day he likes to wake up, lift weights, and activate because it gets him in an aggressive mindset to go bleepin' crush at night. He goes on to say that Jennifer has adopted the practice as well. "She's incorporated workouts, activation. Prehab, not rehab," he says.


They work out and make out together.

One of the perks of working out together is that they can take a smooch break here and there. It's funny, because Alex kept saying, "Don't touch, don't touch, don't touch. Babe, I'm sweaty," but Jennifer wasn't having it and planted a kiss on him anyway. He couldn't resist and kissed her back.


Alex had a chance to cool WAY down.

The gym offers cryotherapy, and Alex took full advantage. He was in -265 degrees at one point. No doubt he was freezing his metaphorical pelotas off.

We prefer Jen's cooldown.

Call us crazy, but a lay-down and foot massage seem way more pleasant than freezing our you-know-whats off. But to each his or her own.


Here's the full video that A-Rod posted.

The Cowboys Fit facility where they worked out is like the gym of gyms. Billed as a "comprehensive experience with over 60,000 square feet of luxury gym amenities located at the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters," it features room after room of different equipment, ways to work out, and ways treat your body right.

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