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Jennifer Lopez's abs have been the topic of conversation for decades. While her curves have always taken center stage, her rock-hard abs and tiny waist are also hard to ignore. The mom of two has recently been sharing so many photos of her toned and muscular belly and leaving us in absolute awe. She has changed up her workout routine through the years and is currently focusing more on weight training--and it totally shows!

Her six pack is proof that with hard work and dedication and paired with a clean diet, we can have the body of our dreams. She kicked off 2019 with a carb- and sugar-free 10-day challenge and she shared a photo to show the impressive progress. Her many pics and videos from the gym show that there's no Photoshop when it comes to J.Lo's body and abs, and she has had to make that clear in the past. She once shared a photo of herself in a crop top and someone accused her of editing her pics, and Jen was not pleased. We would be upset, too, if we put in so much work just for someone to doubt it!

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Jen has been our fit inspiration since the '90s and has given us so many iconic looks that showed off her belly. Remember her white crop top and white jeans outfit at the Video Music Awards or her crop top pink velour suit from the "I'm Real (Remix)" video? Her midsection was toned and lean back then and it has not changed since. Except now it's a lot more muscular and stronger than ever.

She has always been open about her love of fitness and her discipline when it comes to her health, and her abs are just a result of that. Scroll through to see some of the best pics of J.Lo's amazing abs, and let it inspire you to do a couple of more planks next time you hit the gym. 

Who looks this good at the gym? 1

J.Lo has that gorgeous post-workout sweaty glow going on in this mirror pic. The orange-yellow color she wore makes her tan pop and the definition in her abs stands out even more. Wow!


Who else can make a six pack look this glamorous? 2

J.Lo makes sure that her abs are visible even when wearing a gown. Who can blame her? She looks incredible. 


She is really in the best shape of her life. 3

J.Lo's figure has always been among the best in Hollywood, but now that she is in her 50s, she is focusing more on strength when it comes to her workouts. We have never seen her body look so muscular and her abs be so defined. 

Being this flawless comes effortlessly to Jen. 4

Or so it seems, at least. The singer showed off her midsection in a cropped top and bikini bottoms and we can tell all those crazy workouts have been paying off.


Jen made sure her body was in tip top shape for a movie role. 5

When you're playing an exotic dancer on the big screen, you have to look the part--and she did. Jen looked phenomenal for her role as Ramona in 2019's Hustlers. 


J.Lo kicked off a new diet in 2019 and the results were impressive. 6

She promised to do a no sugar and no carbs diet to start off the new year, and just a few days in the results were starting to show. Look at that toned belly!


Let's talk about her definition. 7

Have you ever seen another pop star with abs like these? Probably! But to be able to maintain her plump booty and still have a six pack is honestly incredible. 

Even when she's casually hanging around, her abs are the main attraction. 8

Her workouts with A-Rod are super intense and it shows. She looks stronger and more fit than ever!


J.Lo celebrated her 49th birthday in a bikini. 9

She had everyone's jaw on the floor when she shared pics from her birthday getaway in 2018. She showed us that abs can happen at any stage of our lives, after babies and at any age. She's a queen!

Here she is again standing up. It's unreal. 10


Jennifer Lopez showed off her incredible progress with a mirror selfie. 11

Look at her obliques! It's one thing to have a flat belly, but to have that type of muscles takes discipline and a whole lot of work.

J.Lo absolutely knows how to show off her impressive physique. 12

Whether it's for a night out on the town with her beau, Alex Rodriguez, or for a red carpet event, she knows which outfits to wear that will highlight her best assets. For her birthday in 2017, she chose this black sheer mini dress that had cutouts around her waist and her muscles were peeking out. 


They say laughter is the best medicine. 13

And who wouldn't be full of joy if they had abs like these? There's also no denying that J.Lo has the best workout clothes

Jen is proof that you don't have to be stick thin to look amazing. 14

Even through a mirror selfie it's clear that J.Lo's core is super strong! It takes years to build those muscles in her belly area so it's only right she shows them off every chance she gets.


The high-waist jeans and cropped T-Shirt combo is a must. 15

This outfit is the perfect way to show a sneak peek into her toned belly without revealing too much. She pulls the look off perfectly, thanks to her curvy frame. 

Jen has been inspiring us for decades with her abs. 16

While we know having a flat stomach isn't a necessity in order to love our bodies, seeing J.Lo shows hers off so proudly that it sure makes us want to go a little harder when doing planks.


Jen flexed her ab muscles in this pre-workout selfie. 17

She looked amazing in her gym gear. Even when she's sitting down, her belly is totally flat and her muscles are showing!

Even her red carpet looks get some abs action. 18

In 2014 she wore a gorgeous dress to the American Music Awards that wrapped tightly around her waist. She looked perfect.


J.Lo is not selfish when it comes to sharing how she gets her flat abs. 19

She does a lot of weight training these days, but also carves out some time in her gym routine to do some knee raises, which are a super efficient ab workout.

Running has been a part of her life since she was a kid. 20

Jen's athletic build is in part thanks to her past as a track star when she was a teenager. That type of muscle memory and discipline stays with you into adulthood. Running is a good way to burn fat so that you see more definition in your abs and the rest of your body.


Our Jennifer knows what she's working with. 21

Some people accused her of editing this pic. I know you all see that little V line poking at the bottom of her torso. That takes effort! 

Jen is working it for the camera. 22

Her waist is perfectly carved and there's no fat in her midsection. This is goals!


Wearing a two-piece ensemble is the norm when you look like Jen. 23

The singer knows how to dress her bod and slays every time. Her obliques are so impressive and we cannot wait until she releases a workout program.

This is another outfit Jen wore to show off her toned belly. 24

There was a slight opening right around her torso and it showed how impressively toned and slim her waist is.


Jennifer loves a good mirror selfie. 25

She looked so tiny in this lime green gym ensemble. Her muscles are so defined, it's mesmerizing.