Chiquis Rivera is on a mission to lose weight & here's how she's doing it

Chiquis Rivera
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You don't have to wait until January 1 to kickstart a health and fitness journey. That is Chiquis Rivera's mentality as she embarked on a hardcore challenge to transform her mind and body this week. The singer has been working on her fitness for a long time but decided to kick things up a notch before the end of the year with a strict diet and workout plan.

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In addition to hitting the gym several times a week, Chiquis is following a strict 21-day keto diet, which is low in carbs and high in fat. The carb deficit in the diet makes your body use its own fat as its main source of energy, which is a selling point for people who want to lose weight. In order to see results, you have to follow a strict eating plan, and Chiquis is taking her Instagram followers along for the ride.

Chiquis took to her Instagram story when she started the 21-day challenge to share that she has been doing the keto diet for the past five months.

She lost some weight, but admitted that she had not been so strict with the diet. That is all going to change for the next 21 days.


She is putting her journey, which she is calling a lifestyle change, on Instagram so that her team and fans can hold her accountable.

Her inspiring daily snaps are being saved on her 21 Days of Keto Instagram Story highlight.


Chiquis' goal with this health and wellness kick isn't just a physical transformation.

"I want to feel better physically, mentally, emotionally," she said in Spanish. "But I obviously want to look better. I want to see how much weight I can lose between today and the end of the year. I want to start 2019 right. I want to feel good. I want to look better and feel motivated for the next year. They say how you start something is how you finish, so I want to start the year off right."

If you are questioning why she is doing a 21-day challenge when she is looking to make a total lifestyle change, Chiquis has an explanation.

"21 days of keto because it takes 21 days to create or break a habit," she shared. "So it’s in your hands after 21 days if you want to keep on going and feeling great with this new lifestyle, or go back to your old self."


Chiquis has been dedicated to showing what it takes to stick to keto, including her meals on the go.

Strawberries with Cool Whip and a ceasar salad without croutons are both keto-friendly, according to Chiquis.

She makes it look like you won't miss old eating habits while on this diet.

Her eggs with spinach and cheese and pho loaded with bean sprouts to replace the noodles look delicious!


Chiquis even took her followers on a trip to Starbucks to show the coffee shop's keto-friendly options.

She shared the keto-approved drink she orders: A grande passion fruit unsweetened tea with heavy whipping cream instead of water and three pumps of sugar-free vanilla. Chiquis also adds one package of raw stevia that she carries with her.

A liver detox is also part of her 21-day journey.

She posted the supplements she is using to help her out.


Chiquis is so serious about her diet that she travels with a suitcase full of supplements and necessities.

She even takes her Ninja blender with her!

Hitting the gym several times per week is another important component of Chiquis' fitness goals.

She shared that she does cardio on her own and works out with a personal trainer.


Chiquis is not fooling around!

Perhaps the incredible results her sister Jacqie Campos had on keto is what inspired Chiquis to give the diet her all.

We hope Chiquis gets the results she is looking for.

She is clearly already off to a powerful start.

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