If you don't already follow Thalía on Instagram, you are missing out on an endless amount of happiness, inspiration, and motivation. The singer constantly shares updates about her career, but she also gives her fans a glimpse into her personal world--and it seems like the Mexican star has found the key to the perfect balance.

She lives a luxurious life--from vacations to Italy to red carpets and living in a gorgeous home--but Thalía has discovered that true joy and beauty comes from within. And because it's something you have to work on diligently, Thalía is constantly taking care of herself through yoga, Pilates, outdoor activities, and healthy eating, but she also treats herself to the tasty foods that keep her happy every now and then.

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She has also put gratitude into practice and continuously expresses how thankful she is for all that she has, especially the gift of being alive, which is something we can all learn from. The mom of two surrounds herself with her loving friends, she never misses an opportunity to laugh or be silly and that is the true fountain of youth. She knows that true health is working on yourself from the inside out.

While her career and her family are important to her, the "No Me Acuerdo" singer knows that self-care always comes first. To be our best selves, as women, we have to invest in ourselves and our well-being so we can look after everyone else. "No excuses! Today is the day to start taking care of yourself! Go for it!" she once captioned an Instagram video of herself doing Pilates. Scroll through to see all the times that Thalía has inspired us to work out and take better care of ourselves all around. 

She coached her fans through a crisis. 1

During the coronavirus outbreak in early 2020, Thalia made sure to keep her fans active while they practiced social distancing in their homes. With gyms closing and people avoiding the outdoors, she inspired fans to get moving by enlisting her personal trainer to share her workout with her Instagram followers.


Her personal trainer has her looking better than ever. 2

Thalia shared the most awesome photo of herself flexing her arm muscles along side her personal trainer, Valverde Jorge. She credited him for helping her grow some impressive muscles, that looked like Linda Thompson's in Terminator. Toned arms really are everything!


Thalia stays flexible. 3

Yes, lifting weights and cardio are necessary to get in shape but yoga and Pilates can keep us toned and flexible while helping us ease our mind. Thalía has clearly been practicing for some time, and she's a total pro. 

She likes to try a little bit of everything! 4

A bit of kickboxing never hurt anyone! Thalía keeps herself in tip top shape by trying just about any exercise you can think of. This one is also good for getting rid of any pent up aggression or bad energy you feel, while also getting your sweat on. 


She makes time to get her sweat on even if her schedule is hectic. 5

"Working on a thousand surprises since earlier in the morning! Ready to train after this call. Don’t stop moving!!!! Sending good energy your way!" she captioned this pic of herself in some cute gym clothes.


She takes her workouts with her wherever she goes. 6

The best part about her health posts is the wisdom that she shares with them. "Take care of yourself and always be flexible! 🏃🏼‍♀️🙌🏻" she captioned this cool pic.


She takes the art of yoga quite seriously. 7

It's incredible how much control and flexibility the body must have to be able to do this! But for Thalía, this practice goes beyond just looking good. "Making a body, mind and soul connection. Yoga... my ally in life! Breathe!" she captioned the Instagram clip.

It's all about that core strength. 8

If this doesn't inspire you to get up and get moving, I don't know what will!


She switches up her exercise routine to keep her body guessing. 9

The body needs to be challenged when it comes to work outs so trying something new every now and then is super important. Thalía did just that when she worked with celebrity trainer Rafael Tonatiuh, and she shared a video of herself struggling through the exercises but she never gave up.

Thalía also practices Pilates. 10

This might be her secret for staying lean and strong all these years. This type of exercise is great to build core strength while keeping the rest of your body in great shape.


She often shares videos of herself working out on her Pilates reformer. 11

"Flexible, strong, daring, sexy and free," she captioned this Instagram post. "That is how I feel when I get to do the things I love!" It is not easy, but worth it.

Her bikini photos alone serve as inspiration. 12

Thalía has had two kids and looks better than ever because she stays faithful to a healthy and active lifestyle.


She knows how crucial it is to stretch. 13

There's a reason her abs, legs, and arms look as on point as they do! "Pilates is great for stretching and toning the body! It complements my exercise routine by helping me strengthen hard to work muscles," she captioned this pic.

She's ready to find her zen at any time and in any place. 14

Thalía isn't afraid to strike her best yoga pose no matter where she is, even while camping with her family in the mountains.


Thalía found a way to keep desserts guilt-free. 15

Thalía found a way to keep desserts guilt-free.

Thalía/ Instagram

She worked out while baking. "Doing my daily squats while preparing a caramel flan. 🍮 Exercise + Dessert=Happiness!!!" she captioned the pic. This is genius! Now, there's really no excuse.

She even tried a little boxing action to get her blood flowing. 16

I'm sure any of us would benefit from throwing a few punches to relieve some stress. 


Remember that time she boxed so hard she made her hands bleed? 17

"Ooops! I think I trained too hard! ⭐️ Ups," she captioned the pic. Thalía might be the next Rocky if she keeps this up!

So this might be how she keeps her waist so tiny! 18

One of the craziest workout videos she has shared was when she used a ton of equipment that lit up while she moved. She used a hula hoop and her control was amazing! 


She's totally a pro at it! 19

This looks so fun it's making me want to try it during my next cardio session.

She has tried everything under the sun to keep her body moving. 20

While this might be a bit extreme and not for the faint of heart, this is a good reminder to face your fears and never be afraid to try something out of your comfort zone.


Thalía showed us to be grateful for everything we have, even if it's a healthy salad. 21

"Thanking God for life! Love you. Happy Monday loves," she captioned this pic of herself eating a homemade salad in 2016. "While I eat my lunch I give thanks to God for each bite. Mientras como mi lunch agradezco a Dios por cada bocado. 🙏🏻 What a blessing it is to be alive!"

OK, this might not be a work out pic but her leg in this shot made us want to run an extra mile. 22

It's incredible how flawless and cellulite-free her legs are! 


She also knows when to let herself just relax. 23

"Setting a chill mood for the rest of the week!" she captioned this pic of herself getting pampered and offered some solid advice. "Even if it's in your mind...don't let anything take away your peace or your 'cool.'"

Getting rid of our skin's impurities is a must in order to stay youthful. 24

There's a reason why Thalía is truly glowing in all of her selfies and her skin looks just as youthful as when the world first met her. She takes good care of her face and revealed that she learned many of her tricks from her late mom. 


She knows the body needs vitamin D. 25

There are millions of people who are vitamin D deficient, so sitting in the sun for a bit (while wearing sunscreen!) is key to feeding the body the vitamin it needs. "Enjoying the sun while @tmmottola chooses the ideal playlist," she captioned this pic of herself and husband Tommy Mottola.

Thalía knows a balanced breakfast is the best way to kickstart your day. 26

We already know there are foods you should totally avoid in the morning, and Thalía knows a good mix of carbs, healthy fats and protein are the key.


She reminded her followers to use music as therapy to change the negative frequencies in their bodies. 27

She shared a video of herself in her car singing along to tons of different songs, and captioned it: "Turn up the music, and use it as a tool to improve your body’s energy and your happiness levels!!" 

It's imperative to treat ourselves and our bodies every now and then. 28

She shared a snap from her spa day, which is necessary for someone who is always on the move.