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Having a growing family and staying in amazing shape doesn't have to be mutually exclusive. There are plenty of celebrity moms who are kicking butt, in spite of being mom-shamed again and again, and taking names in that department that can inspire you to make an effort to look and feel your best while taking care of your loved ones. From Jennifer Lopez to Adriana Lima to Jessica Alba, these powerhouses have busy schedules and treat working hard on their bodies like another job.

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Their celebrity status and resources make staying snatched a lot easier for them, but they can still give us all some much needed motivation and tips. Take a page out of Thalía's book and make a vision board out of inspirational pictures. "Some of those images can include vacation destinations, pretty swimsuits, sandals, beach hats, beautiful cover-ups, and long maxi dresses you want to wear this summer," she wrote for PopSugar. "The point is to get excited about what you are seeing on the board and to find inspiration in the positive images in order to start working on your mind and body.

These stars can give you that boost you need. They are masters of working out at the gym or at home with their kids, which is a must for busy moms who can't have a nanny watch their little ones. But remember, the key to your best shape is also maintaining a clean and healty diet. Let's see how our favorite celebrity Latina moms stay fit.

Jennifer Lopez is one of the first women that come to mind for a good reason. 1

The entertainer puts in serious work at the gym and is proud to show off her results. Being 49 years young never looked better!


Gisele Bündchen looks incredible with two young kids at 38 years young. 2

The supermodel is all about that yoga life, which keeps her looking seriously toned. She gets her kids involved and it is the cutest thing!


Thalía is seriously goals! 3

Fitness is a huge part of the star's life and she lets her body guide the type of workout she needs to do. On high energy days she is up for intense cardio and on days where she needs more tranquility she goes for things like yoga or pilates.

Adriana Lima is a boxing queen. 4

The supermodel puts in serious work at the gym and the proof is all over her Instagram. Boxing is one of her favorite workouts, and its challenges haved helped empower her in other areas of her life. "That's a lesson that you can take outside into your everyday life, that no matter what you go through, you keep going, and insist, and you go, you learn, you fail, you learn, you fail, you learn and you continue until you get it done," she told The Cut.


Massy Arias looks incredible. 5

The fitness influencer is dedicated to becoming stronger everyday, and helping her millions of followers feel the same. Her adorable baby girl, Indira, has be along for the ride from the moment she was born.


Hilaria Baldwin makes dedication to wellness contagious. 6

The yoga instructor and mother of four encourages followers to fit in quick workouts any time, any place. Hilaria posts powerful moves on Instagram where she is everywhere from dressed down with her kids in the background to full glam, ready to hit the town.


Jessica Alba worked hard to snap back after welcoming her baby boy, Hayes, in January. 7

The actress and entrepreneur enjoys a variety of workouts for getting in shape. "I really like taking group classes, or I like to work out with friends," Jessica told Byrdie. "I like high-intensity workouts; I like moving around a lot. I don’t like a lot of repetition. I like Spin classes, depending on the teacher and the playlist. I do like hot yoga classes, if it’s done at a good pace. I prefer it mixed in with light weights, so like a sculpting hot yoga class. I’ll always work out with a friend because it’s more fun."

Evelyn Lozada is a total gym aficionado. 8

The reality TV star is dedicated to strength training and becoming a better version of herself. Evelyn's results are incredible!


Dascha Polanco sizzles on and off of the red carpet. 9

The actress switches up her routines to sculpt her curves. “With my trainer, I do 15 minutes of intense cardio, like push-ups to the max, the Stairmaster, or the elliptical,” the actress told The Cut. “We do squatting with a medicine ball. I don’t do the treadmill because I get motion sickness. Depending on if it’s a leg day, we do a lot of burpees, calisthenics, and the leg machine. There’s a lot of high-intensity interval training. Sometimes we work outside and do the heavy ropes for arms. We focus each day on something different.”

Dancing keeps Shakira in phenomenal shape. 10

The entertainer did high-intensity interval training to get ready for her world tour. "We'll do my Happy Hour workout," her trainer, Anna Kaiser, told PopSugar, "alternating between cardio and strength intervals. For the cardio portion, we're dancing — we're keeping it nice and low impact. Nothing too high impact, so she can really use her muscles when she's dancing and tone at the same time."


Camila Alves' children help her stay active and fit. 11

"They love sports, they love being outside," the model and mother of three told E! News. "Whether it's going on a hike, whether it's going to play football or hula hoop or whatever it is that they're into at that moment, it's just really about being outside and being in nature and getting your body moving forward."

Sofia Vergara has maintained her bombshell figure for years. 12

The actress hits the treadmill to build her iconic butt and legs. Her trainer Jennifer Yates recommends that you "walk anywhere between a six to eight percent incline, and walk at a speed where you feel a touch out of breath, but you aren't jogging. A steep hike is challenging."


Eva Mendes can take rest days from her workouts and still look this fabulous. 13

"I love doing intervals, like running and sprinting, and I see great results with that versus the 30 or 45 minutes of steady cardio I used to do on the treadmill," the mother of two told Shape. "Between intervals, I lift weights. Right now I’m sticking to light weights because I have a herniated disc in my lower back. It’s pretty severe, and I have to work around it. I love squats, but I’ve been told that I have to do lunges instead of squats for the time being. I know a lot of people wouldn’t find that heartbreaking, but I really do!"

It's clear that Fergie never stopped working on her fitness. 14

The entertainer works hard off stage to keep her figure. She has even done belly dancing yoga!


Zoë Saldaña makes staying fit a priority. 15

The actress' trainer, Steve Moyer, adjusts workouts to fit her schedule. "I’ll do lots of cardio and core if I know I won't be seeing the client the next day," he told Shape. "If I know we are working out on consecutive days, I split the workouts according to body parts. For a full body workout, I like to do a leg exercise like squats followed by a core exercise like plank pushups (which also hits the triceps) followed by a cardio exercise, which also targets the legs like jumping Lunges. That's a great series that will build strength and endurance and can be a major aid in leaning out and shedding unwanted pounds."