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It's safe to say that most people know that working out has benefits that go beyond just looking good. For some, the motivation for heading to the gym comes from wanting to fit into a certain dress or wearing a bikini on their next vacation. While there's nothing wrong with wanting abs and toned legs, sometimes having a reason to work out, aside from the physical aspect, is what you need in order to stay focused.  

Some people depend on working out in order to keep their physical and mental health in check, and it's something we should all do for ourselves and our well-being. Living a healthier lifestyle takes plenty of discipline, drive and commitment, and it's awesome to be able to stick to a routine. It's also fine to feel uninspired at times and like you're dragging your feet on the way to your sweat session. There are ways to get out of that rut, and that's to remind yourself why you started in the first place. 

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We're often bombarded on social media with photos and videos of people absolutely killing their fitness journey. While sometimes those people make us feel intimidated or make us think that we'll never look like that, we can always look to them as a push to get us out the door and get us moving. Jacqie Rivera has been documenting her incredible weight loss journey and she's definitely someone we can easily relate to because she's so open about the process. Eiza González often shares pics and videos of herself at the gym, and she said it's a reminder of how proud she is of herself. "Shameless because those who know, this s--t is HARD and it takes dedication and discipline," she captioned a gym selfie in May 2018. "I'm so proud I've been able to push myself further. Never thought I could."

There are other celebrities like Eiza who are also ultra committed to stay in shape and look their best, and they often post their workouts on Instagram. Looking a certain way is part of an entertainer's job, and staying in shape is one of their responsibilities. While they have access to the best personal trainers and nutritionists, their effort to stay driven is still admirable. For the rest of us with desk jobs or with less time than them, sneaking in a session at the gym on a busy day can be difficult. If you're feeling stuck or lacking that incentive to get your weightlifting on, scroll through to take a look at these celebrities who remind us that taking care of ourselves in mind, body and spirit is super important. Feel free to return to this any time you feel like you don't have the energy to work on your fitness and let these celebs inspire you.

Thalía is an expert at pilates. 1

Thalía has looked the same for decades and that's due to her dedication to her health. She constantly shares videos of her insane Pilates workouts. That definitely helps her stay so petite, slim and toned.


Paulina Rubio loves to keep her legs in tip-top shape. 2

The singer is always sharing videos of herself working out, and even running outside. 


Ximena Duque is focused on her body. 3

The actress welcomed her baby girl, Luna, in January 2018 and has been focused on getting back to her pre-pregnancy body. She has even been hitting the gym with her first child, Cristian, for some mom and son workouts. 

Jacqie Rivera is not playing any games when it comes to her physical health. 4

Jenni Rivera's daughter has been sharing her fitness journey on Instagram and it's super inspiring to see her go so hard in the gym.


These celebs remind us that working out isn't always glamorous. 5

Adamari López has been focused on taking care of herself and we love that she shares real and honest videos of herself working on her fitness.


Demi Lovato used martial arts as a way to help herself mentally. 6

For Demi, working out doesn't just benefit her physically. The singer has said that boxing and doing martial arts like Jiu Jitsu has helped her find balance and keep her mental health in check. She even has her own lines of super cute work out gear with Fabletics.


Ana Bárbara goes HARD at the gym, and it shows. 7

Even the entertainer's backside looks impressive. She constantly shares photos of her fit body on Instagram and you can tell she's been putting in work.

Chiquis knows everyone can benefit from a sweat session. 8

While the singer has been clear about loving her curves, that hasn't stopped her from getting her sweat on! After all, sometimes it's all about releasing the toxins we all have in our bodies.


Ninel Conde has abs of steel. 9

Ninel shares videos of her intense workouts, and after watching those, it's no surprise that her abs look this incredible. 

Kim Kardashian's body has changed dramatically since she started doing weights. 10

Kim was always known for her curvier frame but recently she's been upping her workouts and intensifying them with heavier weights. This has resulted in perfectly sculpter shoulders, arms and legs and some killer abs.


Khloé Kardashian completely transformed herself. 11

Khloé struggled with her weight for years before she took control of her life and completely changed how she lived. She focused on eating healthier, working out regularly and not even pregnancy kept her away from the gym.

Of course, Jennifer Lopez deserves a mention. 12

The actress has been working out since she was in her teens but seeing how grueling her workouts makes it clear why she looks so fit.


J Balvin wakes up every day with a smile and ready to hit the gym. 13

The singer always keeps his followers on the loop about his workouts since he often shares videos of his cardio time on Instagram.

Alex Rodriguez likes to remind his fans that life is about balance. 14

He shared a photo of himself working out on vacation but said that after his sweat session, he was going to indulge in some wine and pasta. Now THAT's something we can get behind.


The Rock spends a whole lot of time in his iron paradise. 15

The actor loves the gym and stays focused when it comes to his super strict diet. He also knows the importance of cheat meals and he shares his high in carbs meal once a week with his fans. It sometimes consists of a mountain of pancakes, cookies or tons of sushi rolls.

Zuleyka Rivera keeps us humble. 16

While the TV personality might not share many of her workout videos on Instagram, seeing her body is enough inspiration for all of us to get our behinds in the gym.


Shakira might have one of the most enviable bodies in the world. 17

The popstar has maintained her petite frame by dancing and hitting the gym with a personal trainer when it's time to get back in shape for tour and work.

Becky G started working out for a movie. 18

Becky began her fitness journey when she landed a superhero role in the Power Rangers movie. Now the singer has adopted working out into her personal life and looks better than ever!


Rashel Diaz loves working out so much she even created a line of gym clothes. 19

The line also super special because it has uplifting messages to keep you inspired to not only focus on the exterior but to work on your inner self as well. 

Gina Rodriguez has boxing in her veins. 20

The actress' father was a boxing referee and now she uses boxing as a way to not only stay in shape but to help her battle a thyroid condition she struggles with, called Hashimoto's disease.


Aracely Arámbula honestly makes us want to run to the gym. 21

Aracely has been able to maintain her curves all while building muscle in every area of her body. Everything from her abs to her sculpted arms makes us want to work a little harder during our next gym session.

Eiza González keeps her body in check with frequent visits to the gym. 22

The actress always makes time to hit the weights to keep herself looking good.