SEE: Eva Longoria looks amazing less than 3 weeks after giving birth

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Eva Longoria is back to work just weeks after giving birth to her baby boy, Santiago--and she looks fantastic! The hardworking mamá shared a stunning snap of herself on Monday, July 9, from her first photoshoot since she welcomed her son in June. 

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While getting your hair and makeup done to pose for some photos might not seem like a difficult task, Eva admitted that it wasn't easy to manage taking care of her son while dealing with her responsibilities.

It's great to see the actress back to work, even though it's tough to do while having a newborn around. After nine months of carrying a child, sometimes moms feel like they need to get right back into the swing of things and resume with the routines of their pre-baby lives. Eva carried her pregnancy so well and looked gorgeous in every pic she shared throughout it. And one thing is for sure by looking at this new photo, she looks awesome for someone who gave birth less than a month ago! 

Eva shared a behind the scenes pic with photographer Bernardo Doral.

Eva looked stunning in the pic, wearing a sheer black robe and one piece bathing suit. It's hard to believe a baby was in her belly just weeks ago! "First photo shoot after pregnancy! 😱 Not gonna lie, this one was hard!" she captioned the snap with the photographer. "Trying to breast feed and work around Santiago’s schedule."


Eva continued working late into her pregnancy.

Eva took just a couple of weeks off after delivering her baby and prior to that, she was working far into her pregnancy doing promo for her movie Overboard. Moms can really do it all!


She also didn't let it stop her from doing the right thing.

Just a week before giving birth, Eva stepped out with her belly to vote during the California primary election. That's the spirit!

She also enjoyed some down time.

Her baby bump was on full display during a beach trip with her late doggie, Jinxy, just a month before giving birth. How cute did she look?


She looked radiant on her wedding anniversary.

Her belly was so round in this pic, it's so adorable! She took a photo with the rose bouquet her husband José Bastón sent her for their second anniversary. "My wonderful husband sent me these gorgeous flowers and I’m giving him a baby 😂!" she captioned the snap on May 23.

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