Kim & Kourtney Kardashian's intense butt & abs workout routine

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian are dedicated to maintaining perfectly sculpted figures. They have chefs that can help them keep clean diets and spend a fair amount of time in the gym to reach their fitness goals.

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E! News caught up with Amanda Lee, the duo's personal trainer, and she went into detail about the workouts she does with the reality stars. No surprise here: the focus is all on their abs and butt!

Amanda used to go to high school with Kim.

She started working with the Kardashian sisters after reconnecting with Kim at their high school reunion in April. Now she trains Kim up to two times per week and Kourtney about five days a week.


Their workout of choice is high intensity interval training that targets the lower body.

“With them and for myself I'm really big on HIIT training which is high intensity interval training, so it's mostly geared towards toning, lifting, tightening and fat burning, even though that's not a main goal,” Amanda told E! News. Cardio is not a priority for her clients since they don’t need to get leaner.


Squats and lunges are the star of their ab and butt-enhancing routine.

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"I would say my favorite moves for butt would be squat jumps with the resistance band,” she shared. "Walking lunges holding a medicine ball is another go-to, curtsy lunges on the step which, basically, you're standing on the step and you bring your legs side to side into a curtsy lunge is another one of my favorites. I would also have to go with the clam which is a mat exercise where you lift your leg up. It's for your outer thighs. Another one of my go-tos is a walking plié. When you get into a plié position with your feet turned out and then you step one foot in front of the other. Then you walk and it's really good for your inner thighs. For abs [...] I love planks. I think planks are the best core workouts so all types of plank variations. There's one that we do a lot called the jumping jack plank. You're doing a plank on a bosu ball and then you jump your feet in and out and that's one of our go-tos.”

The trainer doesn’t have a specific number of reps she recommends for each move.

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“It varies, I don't really believe in counting reps, I believe more in doing as many as you can until you hit failure, but if I had to come up with a number I would come up with anywhere from 20 to 30,” she said.


Amanda’s warmup for Kourtney is no joke.

She gets on the treadmill at a “15 percent incline at like a 2.7 speed holding a medicine ball,” which gets her heart rate up and helps strengthen her core. Jumping jacks that combine a shoulder press with five-pound weights are another option. Amanda also has her clients do these exercises in between sets.

She stays out of her clients’ diets but she believes abs are made in the kitchen.

According to Amanda, Kim and Kourtney already eat healthy but she does recommend following “a high protein, high fiber diet.” Drinking plenty of water, sticking to whole grains, and avoiding sugar are also essential.


Kim and Kourtney's dedication is clearly paying off.

Amanda's tips are definitely worth a try.

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