High fiber super foods that beat constipation.

I'm going to get really real right now. Like a lot of women, I constantly struggle with constipation. It's not fun, it's not cute, and it's certainly not comfortable. It's such a struggle, but fortunately there are many fiber-heavy superfoods out there that will keep you healthy and support a peaceful poop life because let's be honest: Nothing feels worse than when you're seriously backed up!


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When it comes to a healthy digestive system, aside from probiotics, fiber really is key. It not only makes you feel fuller longer, but it gets those bowel movements moving. Fiber, in general, is just great for you too. It lowers cholesterol, supports a healthy colon, and just so much more. Best part is: fiber filled foods taste good, too.

We're no longer talking prunes (which leave you seriously bloated). A lot of these foods are actually really delicious like quinoa, avocado, guava, beans, jicama--you know, all that yummy stuff Latinos already eat. Here's a look at a few high-fiber foods to incorporate in your diet ASAP!

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