Confirmed by science: Menstrual cramps are as painful as a heart attack & duh!

A professor confirms that menstrual cramps are as painful as heart attacks.

Any woman who has ever had her period knows that menstrual cramps can sometimes feel like a death sentence. Regardless of the fact that we've been claiming this for centuries, apparently it took a professor of reproductive health at the University College London, John Guillebaud to confirm this as a fact. Unreal!

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The professor confirmed with Quartz that menstrual cramps can feel "almost as bad as having a heart attack" and, while men might find this fact mind-blowing, women are over here like, duh! Did it really take this long for folks to believe us? And did we really have to wait for a man to state this for it to be accepted as fact?

Women know damn well how much menstrual cramps hurt.

We’ve had to deal with this since we hit puberty, and it’s the worst!


Did men really not believe us before this?

Did they think we were sleeping with heating pads or hot rubber water bottles for no reason?


Period pain freaking hurts!

Especially if you struggle with fibroids or endometriosis. It can feel like you’re carrying rocks in your uterus.

Eating junk food happens for a specific reason.

We do it to comfort ourselves through this incredibly painful, uncomfortable time.


Seriously, don’t tell us how this feels.

Because the same way a man will never understand the pain that comes with giving birth, they will never understand menstrual pain!

If we’re lucky, we’ll actually know when to expect to get our period.

We don’t all have that privilege and with that comes surprising stains and cramps out of freaking nowhere.

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