Frida Kahlo period pads exist & we don't understand why

Saba's Frida Kahlo period pads make no sense

I'm a huge fan of Frida Kahlo but I'm not too sure how I feel about seeing her face on period pads (a.k.a feminine napkins). That's right, a Mexican feminine product brand called Saba is using the late Mexican artist's image on a new limited-edition collection and it's kind of weird.

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The period pads and tampons brand caters to a pre-teen, teen, and young adult demographic. Which would explain the really cute and girly packaging. They're decorated in everything from pink hearts to purple stars and supposedly offer great protection. But the new limited-edition Frida collection is what really caught our attention. 

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Frida’s iconic face is all over the packaging.

It looks more like a work of art than a box filled with pads. 


Aside from regular pads, they are also offering period kits that come in these adorable Frida Kahlo-inspired travel cases.

They're cute but how weird is this?


They took it to another level and created Frida-inspired pad dispensers.

I never would have thought to buy a pad dispenser. And definitely wouldn’t buy one with my favorite painter’s face on it. That’s just strange.

I’m not the only one confused by this.

There are tons of peeps on Twitter who don’t understand the logic behind using Frida’s face to sell pads. 


It goes completely against who she was and what she believed.

Seriously, what were they thinking?

I'm all for showing Frida some love.

But the truth is, she would have totally rolled her eyes at the idea of using her image to sell anything. And would have probably laughed if she knew it was being used to sell pads.

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