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I absolutely love doing yoga on a regular basis, especially because there are so many great benefits of yoga. For one, it's a great, calming exercise that can also help you build a strong core. It also has the power to improve your mental health, which is a pretty nice bonus. But did you also know that yoga can actually be great for your love life? Here's how that works: Yoga can help you get more flexible and it can also make you feel more connected to your body, as well as reduce your overall stress and anxiety (which are definitely NOT good for your love life).


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Whether or not you are looking for a way to improve the time you have between the sheets, yoga can definitely help even if you don't quite realize its full potential yet. According to Women's Health, a good yoga flow can help give your sex life a boost. Yoga instructor Tatiana Dellepiane, who is dedicated to helping women transform their sex lives, explains how in the article. Yoga can help women get in touch with their sexuality, build muscles and learn movements that can "lead to more satisfying sex." And even if you're perfectly satisfied in that department at the moment, it certainly can't hurt to get a little better, amirite? 

Orgasm yoga, or "O Yoga," is what Dellepiane calls her practice. She recommends that women begin with a set of four basic poses and then practice what is called "micro-movements." The point of micro-movements is to work with your hips and pelvic floor muscles to strengthen those all-important areas that are said to help you reach the Big O. Besides that, there are also five "secrets of O yoga" that Dellapiane teaches women to master. In order to learn how to use yoga to improve your sex life and give you better and stronger orgasms, here are all of the things you need to know.