One of the best ways to lose weight and burn fat is to exercise. But the only kind of exercise that I have ever been able to stick to is the kind of exercise that I enjoy. While some people do great with running, yoga or going to the gym, the only thing I've ever truly loved to do is dancing. For me, dancing is where it's at, which is why mastering these 10 dance moves to reach my fitness goals has been crucial to success. Whether you are looking for a brand new way to exercise or want to keep the weight off this holiday season, dance may be the way to go. 


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If you're the kind of person who loves to dance for fitness, then you have probably already tried things like cardio dance classes at your local gym or  Zumba. Yes, Zumba is one of those things that can provide you with all of the right moves and all of the cardio-burning that you need. You might even like ballet-style dance classes or hip-hop moves. Whatever your favorite is, though, Women's Health recently reported about the 10 best calorie-burning dance moves

These are the moves that will make a real Shakira or Jennifer Lopez out of you. Whenever I think about the things that I want to accomplish with my dance fitness routine, it's always to look like those two ladies. Whether it's the holidays or any other time of year, burning calories is an important part of working out and dancing is certainly the most fun way that I can think of to do this. Running has never been for me and I just don't think that yoga is getting me to burn off quite as many calories as some of these dance moves. And you know the best part? You can listen to Pitbull the entire time!