New vagina trend is using Vicks VapoRub to clean it & we just can't anymore

vicks vaporub

According to reports, the latest women's health trend making its rounds on the Internet is to use Vicks VapoRub to clean your vagina, with proponents claiming that applying it to your vagina will result in a tingling sensation, a cleansing effect and a pleasant aroma. But I am not here for it at all.


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I love Vicks, and I use it for nearly every type of ailment, but this is just wrong. First off, the idea just seems totally unpleasant and secondly, vaginas are self-cleaning. That's right, your vagina was created with everything it needs to stay healthy all on its own.

Of course, you want to keep the outer parts of your genitals fresh and comfortable so you wash whenever you shower, but any gynecologist worth her salt will tell you never to wash the inside of your vagina, as doing so can cause a disruption to the good, healthy and essential bacteria that lives there, and could result in an infection.

Even when you cleanse the outside, you should use only the mildest, unfragranced soaps, since harsh chemicals and perfumes can irritate the delicate skin.

Female genitalia is precious and should always be treated that way, but it doesn't need Vicks or cucumbers or steam or douches or anything else inserted in order to be cleaned. Vaginas do not need to be lightened or to be subjected to "clean panty challenges."

Barring any legitimate health issues, your vagina is perfect just the way it is, and no way should some Internet trend dictate how you care for it. These silly trends are often potentially dangerous, but at best they are just another way to make women feel that their natural selves are not good enough.

But ladies, never doubt. You and your vaginas are good enough and you should never let anyone on the Internet or in real life tell you differently.

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