Vaginal rejuvenation without surgery may actually be possible

vaginal rejuvenation

If you've ever had a baby, you're probably well aware that your vagina can look and feel quite different after childbirth. But did you know there's a simple, non-surgical treatment that can help return things to how they once were? Apparently, there's a treatment available that uses radiofrequency energy to achieve vaginal rejuvenation. Yes, radio waves in there could help you strengthen that area without surgery. I want to know more!


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Basically, this tool claims to make your vagina tighter and more sensitive, as well as improve lubrication and apprearance.

The treatment is performed in a physician's office and uses a small wand that utilizes heat created by radiofrequncy to stimulate collagen in and around the vagina.


The increased collagen serves to improve a number of perceived issues women may be having with their vaginas, eliminating the need for more extreme measures like labioplasty surgery.

Three separate 30-minute sessions along with a yearly maintenance session are recommended, and the procedure can be performed by both gynecologists and plastic surgeons.

The treatment has been available since 2015, and has been touted by celebrity moms including Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. Though there are several manufacturers, the leading device is the ThermiVa, which has been used by about 55,000 women since its launch.

Medical professionals claim that patients have had good results and believe that the treatment will continue to become more popular and widely available. But, prospective patients should know that reasons for the treatment are mostly cosmetic.

Most vaginas continue to function just fine without any treatment at all after childbirth and as women age. Performing daily kegels and doing plenty of squats can also improve tightness, sensitivity and lubrication.

Plus, the procedure can be costly, so although it is a fairly simple procedure without any known serious side effects, the decision shouldn't be taken lightly.

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