This is the secret to Jennifer Lopez's killer body at 48

Jennifer Lopez's secret to staying fitIt's hard to believe sometimes that Jennifer Lopez is 48-years-old. The woman is literally in the best shape of her life. But don't be fooled, she works hard for that killer body. And when we say works hard, we mean WORKS HARD! The Shades of Blue actress' fitness trainer and founder of NYC's Madison Square Club, David Kirsch, recently revealed J.Lo's top tips for staying so fit. 


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For starters, J.Lo is pretty dedicated to her fitness regimen, which really isn't surprising at all. Everything she does, she gives her 100 percent.

"Jennifer has crazy discipline during her workouts, which many people miss during at-home or in-the-gym exercise classes," Kirsch tells Us. "She is able to focus on every single move that is given to her to ensure that she is doing it with reason and seeing results." 

Just a few days ago, Kirsch posted a video of J.Lo doing platypus walks during a training session and absolutely crushing it. The exercise focuses mainly on lower body, revealing J.Lo's trick to maintaining that round, perky booty and those toned thighs. 

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But she doesn't just focus on certain areas. According to Kirsch, J.Lo is a big fan of full body workouts. 

"Because Jennifer is always on set, she needs a workout that can maximize her time. That's why we do full-body training," he says. "During out time at Madison Square Club, we use simple equipment such as medium-sized free weights, medicine balls, TRX straps and resistance bands. We also do body weight exercises." 

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As for her diet, J.Lo does NOT play. 

"For as long as I can remember, Jennifer's diet has always been very clean, which is key to ensuring that she stays very fit and healthy," Kirsch adds. "Think: no sugar, no processed foods, and no alcohol." 

In other words, J.Lo works hard for her body and it's clearly paying off.


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