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Losing weight is never easy, but if you are truly struggling to let go of those last 15 pounds, there may be a reason why. As someone who has lost 90 pounds and kept that weight off, I can tell you that it's a lifelong struggle. The good news, however, is that you can do something about your weight and weight loss struggles. Here are 7 things you should ask yourself if you're having trouble losing those last pounds. 

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1. Is your diet only a temporary fix in your head? 1

Are you a constant yo-yo dieter? If your only reason for being on a diet at the moment is to drop some pounds and then go back to the way you have been eating before, you are very much likely to fail. Instead of denying yourself certain foods, aim instead to make small changes to your lifestyle (such as drinking more water or having more fruit every day) so that you don't feel deprived and quit before reaching your goals. 


2. Did you make extreme changes like cut fat, carbs, or go vegan? 2

Going to extremes by cutting out an entire food group sounds like it could be an easy strategy to lose weight, but this kind of elimination diet only works for a few days or weeks. Eventually, you are going to need to learn to continue to eat those foods in a healthy way and maintain your weight loss. Instead, try limiting some of those foods but not eliminating them from your diet completely. 


3. Do you stress out and overcompensate after a big night? 3

Almost every dieter out there thinks that, after having a big meal the night before, the good thing to do is to skip breakfast and head to the gym for an extra-hard training session the next day. But this actually creates a cycle of deprivation followed by overeating again later when you can't continue to follow through on your plans. Instead, opt for a balanced breakfast the next day after a big meal and go back to your healthy eating as soon as possible, without stressing yourself out over it. 


4. Do you reward yourself for "good" eating behavior? 4

If your strategy for eating well is to give yourself a food reward, then you might be setting yourself up for disappointment. It's easy to think that you deserve a treat after running three miles or not having dessert for a whole week, but you don't want to be undoing your hard work all of the time. Instead, try to focus on non-food rewards for your good behavior. You can take yourself out for a mani and pedi or have a movie night with friends. 


5. Are you drinking more than the recommended amount? 5

If you are trying to lose weight, another "reward" you may be wanting is a glass of wine or a taste of sangria at the end of a long day. In the summer especially, it's hard to avoid the mojitos at outdoor parties. But you must avoid if you want to meet your goals. Those calories from drink add up fast. So, at least for now, limit your consumption of alcohol as much as possible if you want to keep losing weight. 

6. Are you tracking absolutely EVERYTHING you eat daily? 6

One of the biggest mistakes that I made when first losing weight is that I would forget to write down the calories when I snacked throughout the day. But those calories add up, too! Don't forget to factor in things like cheese samples in the supermarket, a spoonful of ice cream, your hubby's leftover pizza crust, and everything else that goes in your mouth all day long. That includes any calories from alcohol or any other drinks you might have throughout the day, especially anything sugary like soda, juice, or your mid-afternoon cafecito. 


7. Are you eating a high-protein breakfast every morning? 7

A huge mistake that many people make while losing weight is that they skip breakfsat or they have a high-carb. You should avoid things like oatmeal, cereal, or bagels with cream cheese and instead opt for balanced meals like scrambled eggs with smoked salmon or Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts.