Look, we all know that losing weight isn't easy, but what if you could have a little help via one of your favorite apps, Instagram? Admit it: you're probably already taking food photos, but what if those food photos could automatically help you count your calories? From getting inspiration from your fave celebs to finding new recipes, here are 6 ways that Instagram can help you lose weight. 

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Image via Lose It! app

1. Use food photos to track your calories. 1

1. Use food photos to track your calories.

Image via Lose It! app

You're already using Instagram to snap photos of the foods you're eating. What if you could take that one step further? The food-tracking app Lose It! (which is free on iTunes) has a brand new feature called Snap It! which allows you to take a picture of your food, and the app will calculate your calories for you. What's easier than that?!


2. Connect with the healthy foodie community on Instagram. 2

On Instagram, you can connect with people like the Healthy Latina, who will inspire you with her workouts and healthy food posts. Find other foodies who are on the same journey to weight loss and healthy eating, and start sharing!


3. Use Instagram to scour for new #healthyrecipes. 3

If you need some inspiration for healthy-but-delicious meals, then make sure you regularly check in with the #healthyrecipes hashtag on Instagram. You'll find delicious food after delicious food. Soon enough you'll be running to the kitchen to cook some of it up for yourself!

4. Post Instagram photos of your own healthy cooking successes. 4

When you're trying to lose weight, one of the most helpful ways that Instagram can help you stay connected to your goals is by inspiring you to continue to post your successes, even a small one like making a Spanish-inspired vegan dinner (like I did!). 


5. Follow your favorite chefs, restaurants and healthy eating sites. 5

Another way to find inspiration for your healthy eating journey as you lose weight (or keep it off!) is to follow some of your favorite chefs, restaurants and websites that encourage and inspire you to keep going. Case in point: Chef Marcela Villadolid, whose new cookbook Casa Marcela came out on April 25, 2017. 

6. Be inspired to do more by your favorite healthy celebs on Instagram. 6

6. Be inspired to do more by your favorite healthy celebs on Instagram.

Image via lala/Instagram

Whether it's photos of our favorite stars in action, living their "normal" lives or taking care of their bodies, there's nothing like finding inspiration for your #healthygoals from your fave celebs. One of my faves, LaLa Anthony, is constantly posting inspirational photos of the busy mom and entrepreneur finding time to work out. If she can do it, so can the rest of us!