Your job is ruining your butt

There are risks that come with sitting at a desk for hours. According to studies, sitting for prolonged periods can put you at risk for heart disease, hypertension and diabetes--even if you workout regularly. But did you know that your desk job could also be flattening your butt? That's right. It's called "office as*" and it's a very real thing.


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Most of us have wondered if sitting on our butt all day could legit cause it to flatten. I know I have! But most of us never actually believed it, especially if we're putting in a good few hours a week at the gym. But according to a recent New York Post article, this could really happen.

"Office as* is a colloquial term for a culmination of several things," Abby Bales, a physical therapist at Spear Physical Therapy in NYC, told the Post. She goes on to explain what sitting on your butt for hours a day could actually do to it. "People have a difficult time actively engaging their glutes to both strengthen and shape them…The more you sit, the more you have the chance of developing a flatter booty," Bales says.

So how do we keep our booties perky despite our day jobs? "The first line of defense is to stand up more," says Bales. She recommends getting a standing desk and walking around for at least five minutes every hour. "Standing instead of sitting increases your hip extension and walking around improves your hip extension and flexion," she says. You basically want to make sure you're doing things throughout the day that help activate your glutes.

As a women's lifestyle writer, I literally sit on my butt for hours at a time. And while I did have my moments where I suspected whether or not this could actually affect the perkiness of my bootie, I didn't actually think it was possible. You better bet I'm going to start making changes to my butt routine because I am so not about that office as* life. 

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