Kim Kardashian thinks her waist looks photoshopped & I can't deal anymore

Someone needs to tell Kim Kardashian to pipe down. Ever since having her first child, daughter North West, all she talks about is losing weight. When she's not sharing pics of her scale, she's posting photos of when she was thinner or squeezing herself into a faja. Her latest Snapchat story proved how bad it is. We get it, Kim – pero relax!


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The Snap is typical Kim. Like many of the Snaps or Instagram pics she posts, Kim is first seen posing in a bodycon, tank mini dress in front of a mirror. Next thing you know she's showing us her Yeezy over-the-knee boots and then proceeds to talk about her body. Of course, right?

"You guys, doesn't my waist look like photoshopped?" she says posing in the mirror. "It's so crazy."

I've said this many times before and I'll say it again, there's nothing wrong with wanting to shed post-baby weight. There's nothing wrong with losing weight and being proud of that. But when ALL you talk about is your weight-loss goals, there is something very wrong.

Just a few days ago Kim revealed on Snapchat that she went down to 124.6 pounds. She's clearly excited about the progress and the way she's been looking lately, but can we chill with the weight-loss subject and talk about something new for a change, Kim? I don't know maybe about your adorable kids, new projects coming up. Anything else, please!

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram